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RFBC is an on-line only program. It is a place to change, to rid yourself of the bad food habits and obsessions, to learn to be free from the dieting cycle that has been your life.

We know obesity. We understand the fears, the humiliation, the hiding.

And we know how to fight back.

RFBC is work. But if you want this, you can do it. We have!

RFBC offers accountability, support, motivation, and a team of others who have come before you.

Once the weight is gone, we will help you find the perfect diet and exercise for life.

Share Your Before and Afters – I will cut your head off

$129 For 4 Weeks with Weekly Log with Carlene
$189 For 4 Weeks with Daily Log with Carlene

No Before and Afters – Not Eligible for Challenges or Incentives

$179 For 4 Weeks with Weekly Log with Carlene
$239 For 4 Weeks with Daily Log with Carlene

Special Program Offered

Design Your Perfect Diet
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We are rebuilding our great gallery of before and afters. With Carlene out of commission for so long last fall, our membership dwindled. Now that she is back,  members are on track to meet the challenge of focus and determination to get his job done like so many of our members from previous years. Our first 100 lb Challenger of 2017, NewJen, has qualified. Silvia is not far behind her and we have many newbies on the same path. Our before and afters are going again! Click here to read Carlene’s Battle with Cervical Cancer.





Welcome to Raw Food Boot Camp. This on-line only program is designed for the obese to achieve fast weight loss through a raw food diet. I’m Carlene, your obesity weight loss coach. I too, used a raw food diet for fast weight loss to beat my obesity. We work as peers. There is no shame, no humiliation. We get each other, and that’s what makes us so unique in weight loss for the obese.

Check out our newest Goal Members Goal Page by clicking on their photos below.


You must need to lose 25 lbs or more to become a  full member of RFBC!
Those with less than 25 lbs to lose are welcome to join our free and On Your Own programs.


If you are tired of that fat suit and want out. We are the men and women to do it with! Our raw food diet is the path to your fast weight loss, but our program is the pathway to ridding yourself of your fat suit, once and for all.

Think our program is just another weight loss fad? Click Here to Read RFBC Members Response to an email that claimed just that.

Raw Food Boot Camp

MichelleWinnerAdRaw Food Boot Camp is unique in the raw food diet world,the fast weight loss world, and the dieting world in general. Why? While we are called Raw food Boot Camp, we only offer one 100% raw food diet, our other three diets utilize cooked veggies and/or other whole foods along with our raw food diet. And, while some have wanted her to take up the banner, Carlene, your weight loss coach, is not a raw food guru or even a purist. She is not a professional medical, nutritional, or mental health specialist. She is a woman who found her way out of her fat suit through raw food in 2005 and now helps others do the same. Obesity, not the raw food diet, is her passion.

A raw food diet is a tool, nothing more. It gives us fast, healthy weight loss, emphasis on healthy. Very few who go through Raw Food Boot Camp remain on a 100% raw food diet through maintenance. We go for a healthy sustainable maintenance diet. Raw or not. And, while we offer fast weight loss, as quick as 100 lbs in six months for those doing our Rawk Starz! program, we eat our way to health.

No drugs, no fasting, no living on protein shakes or juices.

If you don’t follow our healthy guidelines, for one, you won’t lose the weight as fast, and two, you will be asked to leave camp. Health is our number one priority. Fast weight loss is a perk to getting healthy!

Most diet programs want everyone to sign up and join. We don’t. Our before and afters are impressive, and unfortunately, they bring impulse buyers. We are not a quick fix program, we are about changing and that takes time, lots of time and effort. This is not easy. Those looking for a quick fix are best served elsewhere. Only those who understand our program and are ready to shed the fat suit are able to join. To ensure this, everyone must listen to our Introduction to Raw Food Boot Camp audios and read everything here on this site.

Don’t waste your money or time if you aren’t sure we are the right fit and you are at the right time to not just lose weight fast, but to lose it forever. If you’re still interested, you have a lot of reading and listening to do! I will say this: we’re worth it! ~ Carlene

Introducing our Anti-Depression Diet – Add On


Introducing RFBC’s Anti-Depression Diet Add on

Depression and obesity go hand in hand for many. The depression causes us to not care. We feel trapped in our obesity, but we are too depressed to believe we will ever be able to rid ourselves of it. So, we get caught in a cycle of clogging our bodies with more junk, more toxins, which only make us more depressed. It’s a cycle we can’t seem to break.

Our raw food diets at RFBC are very cleansing, and for some, such as Carlene, that cleansing allows the body to function better. When the body functions better, when it gets unclogged and things start to flow and function as they should,  for some, depression clears up or at least eases up. After 6 months of RFBC style raw foods, Carlene was able to stop taking supplements to ease depression. She went from deep dark depression to having not experienced depression in the past 10 years.  She believes it was the cleaning of her liver that made the difference. Not all depression can be fixed with a cleansing raw food diet, but maybe, just maybe, yours can. However, if you’re too depressed to even try our raw food diets how will you ever get that cleansing effect. Right!

Our Anti-Depression Diet Add Ons are foods that we have discovered lift mood while allowing continual weight loss. These add on foods are foods you would eat on a regular vegetarian diet: beans, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower seeds.

Our add-on foods will not cure your depression. They will not make your life easier. They won’t pay your bills or get you a promotion. All they will do is lift your mood. It is with that lifted mood that you can find the hope and courage needed to go after a program like Raw Food Boot Camp and use a raw food diet for fast weight loss and better health.

Carlene knows depression. She’s lived it and she has lost a dear friend to it. If obesity is keeping you depressed. If depression is keeping you obese, then why not come and try our anti-depression add on diet with our Wholy Rawkers half raw food diet, and see if it will give you that extra boost to start taking back your life. Once you feel better, then you can switch up to our Butt Kickers diet and get the fast weight loss that will help keep you balanced and healthy.

We have done some trials with our anti-depression diet. For everyone who stuck through the 2 weeks, everyone felt a significant decrease in depression. We used the Mayo Clinic’s Depression Rate app, but it seems to have been removed from their site.  Most of the numbers on the scale dropped by half after just two weeks. Again, our diet lifts mood, it does not cure depression.

Use PsychCentral’s Screening test to rate your level of depression

How our anti-depression diet add-on works is by increasing the synthesis of consumed tryptophan into serotonin. Eaten daily, our add on foods give you 100%of the RDA for tryptophan and folate. Folate, Niacin and b6 are needed for the synthesis to happen. Tryptophan is converted from your gut right to serotonin. It has very quick results. These add on foods give you what you need to increase your serotonin levels. Hence, the mood lift. Combined with the hemp we all eat daily, this combo could be the difference between you being obese at the start of the New Year, or you already half way to your dreams of slim, health, wellness, and happy. It could also mean an easier winter and holiday season.

To do the add-on Anti-Depression diet, simply let Carlene know when you start Orientation. Because of the beans, you won’t be able to do our Rawk Starz program. Butt Kickers is an 80% raw food diet program that still offers fast weight loss.

Showcase of Obesity Before and Afters

This program has changed my entire life for the better. I feel 150% percent better than when I started and most of my health issues have resolved themselves. I would recommend it to anyone. Carlene is stellar as a weight loss coach.Indigo

Meet Some of Our 2015 & 2016 Divas in Maintenance

Some of our members were kind enough to show their faces and let me put together a Member Journey Page for them. Click on the photos below to go to their Journey page. All of their before and afters are listed. There is an In Her Own Words section, where they answers five question I put to them.

These women have lost over 60 lbs and hit goal using our Rawk Starz diet and walking 2 hours a day. We offer other programs as well.

2015 Divas in Maintenance

JanBree Fast Weight Loss With Raw Food Diet Avatar

 87 lbs Gone & Goal!

Menza Raw Food Diet Avatar

 100 lbs Gone & Goal

Michelle Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Avatar

 113 lbs Gone & Goal


  125 lbs Gone & Goal


  92 lbs Gone & Goal

Frees Fast Weight Loss Avatar

  110 lbs Gone & Goal

Frees Fast Weight Loss Avatar

  81 lbs Gone & Goal


 151 lbs Gone & Goal


Click on their photos to see their Journey Pages and all of their before and afters
I got my 75 pound chip and card today, thank you so much and thank you for the wonderful card. When I first started looking at RFBC I was such a lost soul that didn’t think I would be able to do everything you required. Now I know that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again! Michelle
We are the Obese Helping the Obese
How We Work
What is Expected from You
Our Raw Food Diets

The best thing I’ve ever done for myself was to find Carlene’s website and start Finding Your Perfect Diet followed by all of the Fat Brain Behavior courses. I admit that I have no will power but I do have determination. I was determined that I wasn’t going to be fat for the rest of my life. I was determined that I could keep up with my children. I was determined to wear regular sized clothes and I was determined to look attractive to my husband. And ladies, I’ve done it and so can you.TxGirl

Before and Afters

Your head will be cut off unless you volunteer to show your face (no pressure from us but some nice incentives) or you are doing the 100 lb challenge

  • Silvia Wins Our 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge April 26, 2017

    Silvia Wins Our 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge

    Except she did it in 7 Weeks!!

    Silvia came to camp only 7 weeks ago and she has been a force. POP (Proudly On Plan) every day since she joined us with a minimum of swimming continuous laps 1 hour a day in RFBC’s 135-150 heart rate range.

    Yesterday, I wrote to her that she shouldn’t be surprised if no one noticed her weight loss yet, as most, when they look at the obese only see the obesity and don’t notice changes until the obesity is gone completely. For me that was 63 lbs. I expected the same for her.

    Then around midnight, my time, her photos came in and I was blown away. The amount of change to her body is so striking, I actually gasped! I was heading off to bed, but I couldn’t do it. I had to make her before and afters, get them to her (she’s from Germany and it was morning for her) and get them posted so RFBC members could see and be inspired by them as soon as they got to camp.

    Silvia is a real champion at camp. Yesterday when we were talking about the struggle of being on a diet and all the excuses people use to get to their favorite foods, she wrote:

    I don’t break plan. I’m committed, RFBC is the way to my new life, a life I should have been living the last 25 years, but I didn’t. Now I do, I am able to do because of the commitment and support I found here. 


    50 lbs in 7 weeks is not a normal result at RFBC. Most 100 lb Challengers get it in 10-13 weeks.

    You can see her weight loss slide show on our home page for Scroll down to the middle of the page, it’s on the right.

    As a 50 lbs challenge winner, she will receive 4 free weeks of camp. On top of that because of our Spring Challenge, she is sure to hit the 60 lbs gone by June 1st and win 12 free weeks of camp.

    She is set to win the 100 lbs in 7 month challenge too. That pretty much means she won’t be paying for membership ever again. Wow!

  • SChristianHolliday Hit 25 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks! April 26, 2017

    SChristianHolliday Hit 25 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks!

    SChristianHolliday is our newest diva at camp. She has come to do this and get it done. And she isn’t letting anyone down. Her dedication and focus to achieve her goal is unwavering and at camp we all know it. She is becoming a model of consistency and proves to everyone what the power of low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw combined with walking can do for a body.

    SChristianHolliday is going for the 100 lb challenge. To qualify, you have to hit 40 lbs in 8 weeks. With 25 gone in 4 weeks, there is no doubt she will be our next 2017 100 lb challenger.

    All of us agree that her before and afters make her look like she has lost much more than 25 lbs. We can’t wait for her 40’s!


  • NewJen Wins Our 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge April 26, 2017

    NewJen Wins Our 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge

    Except she did it in 10 Weeks!!

    NewJen is on fire and dropping pounds fast on her Rawk Starz diet and walking. She had a few tough days when the scale didn’t move as she thought it should, but then as always is the case, there was a big drop. 7 lbs in one week caught her up.

    You can see her weight loss slide show on our home page for Scroll down to the middle of the page, it’s on the right.

    As a 50 lbs challenge winner, she will receive 4 free weeks of camp. On top of that because of our Spring Challenge, she is sure to hit the 60 lbs gone by June 1st and win 12 free weeks of camp.

    She is set to win the 100 lbs in 7 month challenge too. That pretty much means she won’t be paying for membership ever again. Wow!

    Not only is she a big winner here, an inspiration to all of you out there who are over 300 lbs thinking this could never happen for you, she is beating the last battle she feels she has in life. Her weight.

    That is an awesome place to be when still so young. Our hats are off to her and the way she approaches life, honesty about herself, and who she wants to be, or actually who she already is.

    Her new before and afters speak for themselves. She looks like the younger sister of her former self. Her glow is contagious.  Look at the new chin line and beautiful dimples and smile. She exudes raw energy and vitality which she generously shares at camp.


  • NewJen Qualifies for our 100 lb Challenge with 40 lbs Gone in 8 Weeks! April 2, 2017

    NewJen Qualifies for our 100 lb Challenge with 40 lbs Gone in 8 Weeks!

    NewJeneration is our first 2017 member to qualify for the 100 lb Challenge. That required she lose 40 lbs in 8 weeks. She actually did it in a little over 7 weeks. She is a powerhouse here at camp with her determination to change and to always be POP (Proudly on Plan) not just with food and walking but with attitude. She tells us she has worked hard on fixing all that was wrong in her life and that this is her last battle. One she is aptly equipped to win.

    NewJen is part of our diva group. That is a small focused group of women who don’t think about what we do as a struggle or feel deprived. They have set their eyes on the prize and are running towards it. This is the only way someone can win our 100 lb challenge. Not everyone in the group is going after the challenge, but they are determined and focused and rely on women like NewJen to inspire them daily with her great attitude and success.

    Actually, NewJen is a retired counselor and had to reign back on how much of herself she gave at camp to support others so she could focus on herself. Not to say she doesn’t still support others, she does that beautifully, but now it’s more balanced and she is looking at her own goals and agenda.

    We are all very proud of her. Make sure to check out her 100 lb Challenger slide show on the mid right column of our front page.



  • Silvia Hit 25 lbs Gone in 3 Weeks! April 2, 2017

    Silvia Hit 25 lbs Gone in 3 Weeks!

    25 lbs in 3 weeks! Imagine how great Silvia must feel. We are all very proud of her. She actually has already lost 30 lbs days before her 4th week anniversary at RFBC. Silvia is from Germany. When she started, she worried her English wasn’t good enough and it would be hard for others to relate to her. So wrong. Her English is quite good, and her spirit is inspiring.

    Silvia is part of our Diva group. That means each day she is focused and committed. No days off on her Rawk Starz diet or walking. Well, actually swimming. She has hip issues and just this week went back to swimming after 2 years. She talked about how great it was to put her bathing suit back on. Losing weight and getting into clothes you outgrew, is such a great motivating experience.

    Silvia is going for the 100 lb challenge. To qualify, you have to hit 40 lbs in 8 weeks. With 30 gone in 4 weeks, there is no doubt she will be our next 2017 100 lb challenger.



  • RFBC was closed for 4 Months December 20, 2016

    RFBC Was Closed For 4 Months

    Carlene was diagnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer at the end of August 2016. RFBC was closed to new members for 4 months.  It will reopen for a January 2nd 2017 start now that Carlene is cancer free and fit to take back her passion and help obese women from all over the world learn to master their food addictions and quiet those fat brain lies.

    Big thanks to Onecia, Jcee, Menza and Erica for taking care of camp so Carlene could focus on beating cancer.

    Things are good now and we are ready to make 2017 many women’s year of transfomation and health.

  • Mona’s 111 lbs Gone & Goal Page!! August 23, 2016

    Mona’s 111 lbs Gone & Goal Page!!

    MonaGoalPose2Mona’s first 30 lbs were lost in 2009/2010. She actually lost 65 lbs back then. Between then and rejoining camp in 2016, she kept 32.8 of those pounds off. So together, through RFBC she has lost 111 lbs. The 78.2 pounds she lost in 2016 she did in 6 months!! We are all very, very proud of her!! But more importantly, she is very proud of herself. This is the lowest she has weighed in 30 years. The other day she tried on her wedding dress and it zipped up. She has about 4 pounds to be at that wedding weight, and as part of her maintenance program, she is determined to get there.

    Mona has brought so much excitement and motivation to camp these past 6 months. We all love her and her fire. She wrote a long blurb for this page, so I will let her tell you her story.

    In Mona’s Own Words: 

    Greetings!!! I have something to share. I have been a major Cinderella fan since I was a toddler! Really!!MonaGoalYellowDress

    I’m not kidding 😉 My absolute favorite movie version is “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore. I believe I have watched this Fairytale more than anyone else on this big beautiful planet! When I wore out my VHS copy, I replaced it with 2 DVD copies. 😉  Yes, I’m a big fan. I truly do believe in Fairy Godmothers, Happily Ever After’s, and everything in between.

    When asked to share about my experience hereat Raw Foot Boot Camp (RFBC), my best description is to tell you that I have lived the best adventures of my version of Cinderella. 😉 With the help of both my Fairy Godmother and all of the other campers…. I have uncovered, uncluttered, and unveiled the healthiest version of myself and shed all the layers that were only useful to the hidden, addicted, unhealthy version. Look around when you are out in public. Obese individuals are everywhere. We are the majority of the population. This fact really makes one think, at times, about how this is possible.

    I’ve been a professional dieter for 75% of the 52 years I have spent on this earth. I own every diet book, diet cookbook, diet program, and diet internet program in existence to date. I also own a great number of pieces of exercise equipment as well. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have made the pilgrimage up and down and then back up the scale again. I would work extremely hard at getting the weight off only to be extremely efficient at putting it all, plus more, back on again. This past holiday season, from November thru the end of January, I declined every invitation that came my way. My body was riddled with the body wide pain of fibromyalgia, the crushing exhaustion of chronic fatigue, and the dark gloom of depression. My Cinderella spirit was only a faint glimmer.

    Mona’s 111 lbs Gone B&A



    MonaGoalPoseYet…. A glimmer it was!! This smidgen of hope and a visit to was the beginning of the start of a new life…. A real life for me and many many others. (Peruse the homepage and meet other wonderful members).  You see, I have been here before. I was a private client of Carlene’s (she no longer does this)from October 2009 through March 2010. I lost 65 pounds in 5 ½ months. Once again, I had done an incredible job of losing weight. Yet, I had missed the most important part. I hadn’t comprehended the concept of being a food addict. Yes, food can be an addiction.Food manufactures are experts in this arena. Do some research and rock your world. When you look at the population, it is quite obvious that I am not alone.

    Here at RFBC, there are many hidden gems. While on the journey to freedom from the vice grip of addiction, you will be amazed at what you find on your travels. Carlene’s Fairy Godmother Wand is found in her brilliance in many areas. The way she has set up the website, the simple Golden Rules, all the way through to her deep caring and complete understanding of all the aspects of the obese population.

    Psst…… come closer 😉 I have a Boot Camper’s Insider’s Secret to share!!! Carlene LOVES Before & After’s Photos (B & A’s). Really!!! It’s an obsession of hers and we adore her for it. There is magic and brilliance in even that aspect of camp!! Firstly, obese individuals abhor having their photo taken, me included. Yet, now that I am at goal I find that they are PRICELESS Treasures!!! Secondly, obese individuals abhor wearing any form of body revealing clothing. Yet, for our photos it is essential to be able to see the changes in body shape as we move along the journey. My biggest Cinderella moment has happened!!! I went dress shopping for the photos you see here on this page… I thought I was a size 10, then I put on size 8’s and purchased that size in dresses. I went back to the stores and bought size 6’s… to have on hand “just in case”. Well……… I wore size 6 dresses and a size XS in my photos and I am sooooo amazed and grateful. Thank You Fairy Godmother!!!!!

    Life as an obese individual was very very small and always uncomfortable. You know what I’m talking about so I won’t go on and on about it. Let me share the brighter side of kicking this addiction with a real life example. Last week I went on a dinner/concert date to an indoor venue that is also a Winery in Chicago. I completely enjoyed every aspect of this date. I felt great, I looked great, I enjoyed being in “my” skin. I was confident, comfortable, and alive.I loved being “ME” and I felt normal, included, and an essential part of the evening. All former feelings of wishing I was this or that were NON EXISTANT!!! YES!!! ANOTHER CINDERELLA DREAM HAS COME TRUE!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!


    On my wedding day I weighed 144. As of this morning, I weigh 149 !!! My BMI is 22!!! I have lost 111 / 78.2 pounds!!! My 30 year Wedding Anniversary is on October 4th, only 6 weeks away, YES… I fit into my wedding dress!!! AND…. I haven’t been in the 140’s in 30 years. Again, ANOTHER CINDERELLA DREAM HAS COME TRUE!!!

    You might be curious about my health and wonder what my strongest motivations are that will keep me from traveling the well-worn path of efficient weight gain back up the scale…. I have 2 very strong motivations:

    1. I have learned I am very sodium sensitive. I never had a clue prior to RFBC. You see, I have worn compression stockings for 27 years for swelling in my ankles and feet. I have not worn these dreaded stockings since week number three. I will never go back to wearing them!!! I’m enjoying life without these so much more!!! (Yayyyyy…. I can now weardresses!!!!!).
    2. For the last 5 years I have taken large doses of Motrin 3x/day plus muscle relaxers on a daily basis. My biggest worry wasn’t if but when I would bust a hole in my gut from this crutch I used to get through my days. I am beyond happy to announce that I have been off of ALL medications for the last 5 weeks and I do not foresee any possible reason to return to them. I am a true RFBC believer!!!! I will never go back to those addictive, quality of life sucking foods ever again 😉

    Come join me and all of the wonderful campers here at RFBC. If you’ve been here before, Come Back, like I did 😉

    You will be Amazed at where this journey will take you 😉



  • MightyJ’s 40 lbs Gone In 3.5 Months August 19, 2016

    MightyJ’s 40 lbs Gone In 3.5 Months

    I know, you just saw MightyJ’s 30 lbs gone photos. I admit I was a couple weeks late in posting them, but here she is for this week with 40 lbs gone. And man, does it show. Please join us in congratulating her for a job well done! She’ll be at 50 soon enough!


    MightyJ does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 1 hour a day of walking.

  • Archie’s 60 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Before and Afters August 13, 2016

    Archie’s 60 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Before and Afters

    Yes, that is right. Archie hit 60 lbs gone in record time. Our big 50 lb challengers get 12 weeks for their win, she won that challenge a while ago, and here she is just 12 weeks in and with 60 lbs gone. I am so very proud of her. Archie still struggles. She is not spot on each and every day of her program, but she has that one underlying factor for success. She never quits, she never gives up, she gets up, and gets right back on plan.

    Old behaviors can be tough to break through. This is where Archie works the hardest. She knows what these behaviors are, and while they may get to her from time to time, she faces them. She doesn’t hide from them or say they don’t matter. She comes to camp, is honest about her struggles, and together we work to build up her strength and willingness to fight through them the next time they sharpen their thorns.

    I admit, I am an Archie fan. Giving up and quitting is so easy, and many people take that route. Archie never gives up, she faces her own truths and diligently works on exposing them. She exemplifies what RFBC is all about.


    Archie is doing our Wholy Rawker Diet with a minimum of 1 hour a day of walking


  • RrckRaw’s 30 lbs Gone Before and Afters August 13, 2016

    RrckRaw’s 30 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    RrckRaw is one of our newest RFBC heroes at camp. She deals with some very stressful life issues while keeping in mind that to be able to give her best, she must be at her best. She fights through rheumatoid arthritis and old habits and behaviors like a woman fighting for someone she loves life. We are all very proud of her. Please celebrate these great new before and afters with us.


    RrcRaw does our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day

  • Heather’s 20 lbs Gone Before and Afters August 13, 2016

    Heather’s 20 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    Heather hit 20 lbs gone last week. She has worked hard for these first 20 lbs, and the the loss is paying off nicely. Join us in celebrating this first big milestone.


    Heather does our Wholy Rawker Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes a day of walking

  • Mona’s 70 & 100 lbs Gone Before and Afters! July 30, 2016

    Mona’s 70 & 100 lbs Gone Before and Afters!

    What? How can I have her 70 and her 100 lbs gone before and afters?? Okay, there is a story behind this…

    In October of 2009 Mona became a private client of mine (I no longer do this). From Oct of 2009 through March of 2010, she lost 65 lbs and decided she could do the rest on her own, so we ended our private sessions.

    Here’s a collage I made for her own use back then. Her start weight was 260 lbs:


    In February of 2016, Mona returned to camp as a Regular Member at 227.2 lbs. She kept 32.8 of the 65 lbs she lost back in 2010 off. As of this past Friday, she has lost an additional 72.4 lbs in 5 Months 13 Days.

    Mona returned with the vengeance of a woman scorned. By her fat suit that is. She told me from day one, this was going to be it for her, and she hasn’t backed down one bit.

    In June, Mona was in a car accident and re-injured an old neck injury. Because of this she couldn’t keep up with the walking she had been doing. Yes, she was discouraged, but she never gave in to the cravings of old food habits. She refused to give up.

    Now she’s walking again and was surprised at this Friday’s weigh in with 3.2 lbs gone in 2 days, pushing her over her 70 and 100 lb mark. So much for weight loss stopping when you get so close to goal!

    Am I proud of her? There aren’t enough words. Her enthusiasm, her courage and her determination motivate so many at camp.

    So, let’s take a look at her before and afters with 70 lbs gone in 5 Months 13 Days:


    I will be talking to her about goal this afternoon. Not even I knew she was this close. This thin and beautiful!

    So many people use the idea of what they will look like with 100 lbs gone. Will they be all saggy and gross. Well, Mona isn’t. How about we put her 260 lbs photos next to her  154.8 lbs and you can judge for yourself.

    Mona’s 105.3 lbs Gone with RFBC!


    Are you as impressed as we are?

    Mona does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day!

  • Seth Hits 60 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks! July 22, 2016

    Seth Hits 60 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks!

    Wow, wow, wow! That’s all any of us camp can say about how fast Seth is losing the weight. Some of our women are for the first time in their lives wishing they were men to have such a fast metabolism. Seth eats more calories than the ladies and doubles up on the hemp seeds each day and still his fat suit is just falling off.

    He took his kids by himself on vacation last week and was so excited to not have to worry if he was going to be kicked off amusement rides because of his weight. These are the things that make this journey such a great adventure. There is more to change than weight. There’s a big positive change in life as well.

    Seth hit the 60 lbs on Monday, today, Friday he is at 66.6 lbs gone. So expect to see his 70 lbs gone early next week. Just amazing. Oh, and he feels great. The weight may be going super fast, but it is not draining him or causing him to question the benefits of the diet. He has more energy than before. You have to admit this is a pretty amazing transformation!


    Seth has won our 50 lbs in 12 Weeks Challenge (He did it in 5 weeks)

    Seth does our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day

  • MightyJ Hits 30 lbs Gone in 11 Weeks! July 22, 2016

    MightyJ Hits 30 lbs Gone in 11 Weeks!

    MightyJ just got back from a 2 week vacation. The first week she had not connection with us. Right before vacation she was sick. So there are three weeks that life was tough, and yet she came home and hit the 30 lbs gone mark. We are all so proud of her. And check out the difference 30 lbs made! Wow!


  • Archie hits 50 lbs Gone in 9.5 Weeks and Wins our 50 lb Challenge!! July 16, 2016

    Archie hits 50 lbs Gone in 9.5 Weeks and Wins our 50 lb Challenge!!

    Wow, what can I say. Archie is our second 50 lb Challenge Winner this month. The challenge is a 12 week challenge. So it’s pretty exciting to have her win this with so much room to spare. Few do this, although achievable, few get it down from day one and just let the fat suit go!

    Not to say Archie hasn’t struggled. She has. She has struggled a lot with self-doubt. Doubt in the ability to do the program long term. Doubt that it would work for her when so many other diets didn’t. But through all this doubt, she kept coming to camp. She asked for support. She made herself trust us when it felt so contrary to the whispers from her fat brain.

    This past week, something has clicked for her, and a lot of that doubt is slipping away and she is feeling more confident in herself, the program, and how far this plan can take her…all the way to goal!

    I am especially proud of her because of how hard she has fought to no listen to those fat brain lies and push through each and every day!


    Archie does our Rawk Starz Diet with a Minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day


  • AAA333 Hit 30 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks! July 16, 2016

    AAA333 Hit 30 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks!

    Triple A as I call her has been busy, very busy, and yet she still has held on to her focus of what she wants to accomplish at RFBC. She sticks to her plan regardless of what is going on in her life. That is what we like to see at RFBC. And it has paid off. Look at the difference in just 30 lbs gone. Pretty amazing photos. The scrubs she is wearing are what she considers too tight to wear to work, yet. I think she looks smashing!


    AAA333 does our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Marquita hits 20 lbs Gone in 5.5 Weeks! July 16, 2016

    Marquita hits 20 lbs Gone in 5.5 Weeks!

    Marquita came back to camp four months after having a baby. She has struggled some, but not enough to keep her from hitting this first milestone in a great time frame. She has fought through doubts, cravings, and even fears, but she has overcome them enough to keep pushing through with the help of her team at camp and her own desire to take the weight off.

    We are all very proud of her.

    She hit the 20 lbs gone on Monday, already on Friday she was at 24 lbs gone. She is rawking this!


    Marquita does our Rawk Starz Diet with a Minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Seth Wins 50 lb Challenge & Going for the 100 lb Challenge! July 8, 2016

    Seth Wins 50 lb Challenge & Going for the 100 lb Challenge!

    But wait, he didn’t just win the 50 lbs in 12 Weeks Challenge. He hit 50 lbs gone in 35 days. Now this is an all time RFBC Record.

    Yes, men lose faster than women, but still this is phenomanal. He eats 1400 calories a day, follows our Rawk Starz Diet with a second helping of hemp each day. He walks 1.5 – 2 hours just about every day, and the fat suit is just melting away.

    Seth has become such a strong member at camp. He is there daily. He works hard in both our discussion threads and our conversation threads. His honesty about how he is working the program and handling the fast weight loss just really hits home for so many. He isn’t shy about asking for advice or support. He is a valued member at camp. And all in just 35 days. Twice now he has had to travel and go out to working luncheons and other meals, and he has been on plan the whole time.

    Okay, check out these before and afters. And be proud with us.


    Seth does our Rawk Starz diet and does a minimum of 1.5 hours of walking a day.

  • January’s 40 lbs Gone in 6.5 Weeks! July 1, 2016

    January’s 40 lbs Gone in 6.5 Weeks!

    January had a tough June. She faced the reality of emotions without food and did it without giving in. Yes there were tears, there were doubts, but she come to her group, her friends, and asked for the support she needed and is now looking forward to a great July! We are all impressed with her persistence in not giving up her dream. And so very proud of her for facing realities she would have preferred not to know. January has embraced all that RFBC stands for. She is now half way to goal and very excited!



    January does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day

  • RrckRaw’s 20 lbs gone in 4.5 Weeks! July 1, 2016

    RrckRaw’s 20 lbs gone in 4.5 Weeks!

    RrckRaw is going through a tough time in her life right now. She has no real control over what is happening. But she has taken control of her own life, her own body, and is preparing herself for a new chapter of her life. It is hard to believe she has only been at camp for 4.5 weeks. She’s already a cornerstone for many. We are so excited to celebrate her first 20 lbs.


    Rrckraw is doing our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 1.5 Hours of Walking a Day!

  • Mona hits 60 lbs Gone in 4 Months, 8 Days! June 24, 2016

    Mona hits 60 lbs Gone in 4 Months, 8 Days! 

    Mona is leading our pack of fast losers. Yes she started before many of them, but she is still dropping the weight very fast and inspires all that watch her. Look at how lean she is. That’s what walking does for you. I think she must be close to goal, but she wants to lose some more. She is going to look spectacular when she gets to goal and joins our every growing Maintenance Community.

    For showing her face, Mona earns another free week of camp. She did our 10 lb challenge and lost 11 lbs in 4 weeks, earning herself an additional week of camp. At the rate she’s going, it’s going to be a while before she has to pay for camp again! How cool is that?


    Mona does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Seth’s 40 lbs Gone in 3.5 Weeks! Yes, I said Weeks! June 24, 2016

    Seth’s 40 lbs Gone in 3.5 Weeks! Yes, I said Weeks!

    Seth is blowing our minds and not just with his weight loss. But the weight loss has been amazing. This is his first before and after because he lost his first 20 lbs so fat, by the time we talked photos he was already at 24 lbs gone, so I said, let’s wait for 30. He was traveling for business and when he came home he was at 38 lbs gone. So we waited for Wednesday and there was that 40 lbs gone. Amazing. I’m pretty sure this is a camp record.

    His first set of B&As for this 40 lbs gone, he wore the shirt he was wearing in his start photos. I had to have him redo them because the shirt was so big on him!


    Seth stands out among the men we have had at camp before. When he considered joining, he decided he was going to be all in and just follow our plan. He participates daily and has forged some great allies at camp. And he does our walking, watching his fat burn zone and gets it done. He is a joy to have at camp.

    Seth does our Rawk Starz diet and 2 hours of walking a day.

  • Archie’s 40 lbs Gone in 6.5 Weeks! June 24, 2016

    Archie’s 40 lbs Gone in 6.5 Weeks!

    Can you believe this. Archie hit 30 lbs gone on June 8th and then on June 20th, she hit 40 lbs gone. She is going to melt the weight off with our diet and exercise program. We have all been in awe of her amazing success. She’s having a hard time believing it’s really happening. It’s one of those pinch me. Am I dreaming? feelings. It’s almost scary. But not unhealthy. She is feeling fine. We have a pretty strict formula to ensure fast weight loss and health and she is following to a T. Not to say she has been perfect. She hasn’t. 30 lbs Gone threw her off her game for a day, but she got right back on and has been pushing through every day since.

    And now, the losses are starting to really show. Congratulations, Archie!


    Archie does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • January Hits 30 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks! June 19, 2016

    January Hits 30 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks!

    January is part of this new crop of Newbies who are giving this their all. Rawk Starz diet and 2 hours of walking a day. And it is paying off. In just 4 weeks, January his hit 30 lbs gone. She has become one of our new strong members and is currently involved in a 10 lb challenge we are running. There is no doubt she’ll hit that 10 lb mark before the end of the challenge.


    January does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Archie Hits 30 lbs gone 9 Days after Hitting 20 lbs Gone!! June 19, 2016

    Archie Hits 30 lbs gone 9 Days after Hitting 20 lbs Gone!!

    Wow, this diet loves Archie. 10 lbs gone in 9 days. Sweet! I will admit, it gave her pause to lose so much so fast, and she had a small fall a few days later, but that’s okay. We get it. She’s back on track now and heading for her 40 lbs gone. Maybe not in 9 days, but still pretty fast. She should easily qualify for our 100 lbs Gone Challenge.

    We are all so proud of her. She has made herself at home at camp. It’s hard to believe she’s only been with us a little over 5 weeks.


    Archie does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Sandra Run Hits 20 lbs Gone! June 19, 2016

    Sandra Run Hits 20 lbs Gone!

    This is not SandraRun’s first time at camp, but this time, she has come for it all and is doing great. She almost had the 20 lbs gone in 4 weeks, but when she realized she didn’t have to log with me, that lack of accountability, or actually, the mere thought of it, threw her off and she fell hard. But she got right back up and is doing great now.

    I think this is important to understand. Our brains play tricks on us. And while we all want to be that person who runs through camp without so much as a slip, the truth is we all have to work hard to break old food habits and fears. Sandra is here at camp this time to do just that, and I am so very glad she has returned.


  • Mona’s 50 lbs Gone in 3.5 Months! June 3, 2016

    Mona’s 50 lbs Gone in 3.5 Months!

    Mona is one of our true Divas. She has been at this for 3.5 Months and has kept her progress by pushing through all the ups and downs of dieting and exercise. She is the epitome of consistency. She doesn’t let things spin her out of control, you never hear excuses from her. She is just always on task. We are all so proud of her and inspired by her determination to make this her last diet ever.

    Mona is a returning member. This time she came to camp to win, and has let nothing get in her way!


    At the 50 lbs gone mark, members are given the option to show their face in their photos for some free camp. The cool part is, they don’t remember this when they are sending them in. Some are just loving seeing their other teammates step up and show their face, knowing how it is the full body shots that really inspire others. Thanks Mona on behalf of all those who see your face and inspired by knowing you!

    Mona does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day!

  • January hits 20 lbs Gone in 2 Weeks! June 3, 2016

    January hits 20 lbs Gone in 2 Weeks!

    That’s right. 2 Weeks!! Wow. We were all blown away by this great loss. Before I got her B&As, I warned her and everyone else that so much so fast was mostly water weight. But then I saw her photos. What a remarkable difference for just 2 weeks at camp. She has been at camp for only a few weeks now (the photos are from last week), and already is considered one of those inspirational members who others rally behind. It is a joy having her at camp.

    Congratulations, January. We are all behind you all the way to goal!


    January is doing the Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking a day!


  • Archie’s 20 lbs gone in 3 Weeks! June 3, 2016

    Archie’s 20 lbs gone in 3 Weeks!


    Archie is new to camp, but she has found her spot here at RFBC and is on task and ready to take this all the way. One of the things we talk about is the how to get support from family and friends for this weight loss journey. Archie got hers. Here is a birthday cake her sister made her.

    Archie is one of 3 women who joined us on May 9th who have already hit 20 lbs gone.

    We are all so proud of her. She is one to watch. And for the other ladies at camp, one to get behind and feel inspired!


    Archie does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day!


  • Goalie’s 70 lbs Gone in 5 Months B&As May 13, 2016

    Goalie’s 70 lbs Gone in 5 Months B&As

    Okay, these photos are striking! And yes, she is almost done. The next photos you see of Goalie will her Goal photos! Less than 10 lbs away. She’ll be just shy of 80 lbs gone when she is at goal. We are all very excited. She has done an amazing job. Well, just look. This doesn’t happen so beautifully on other diets. I dare you to tell me where you can see tell-tale signs she was ever obese. Our diet and walking. It’s an amazing formula!


    Goalie does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • TinaBee Hits 50 lbs Gone! May 13, 2016

    TinaBee Hits 50 lbs Gone!

    Wow, wow for Tina. She had a slow period in April, but she is making up for it in May!! She is another who asked to show her face. And look at the difference. Not just our bodies change, but our faces. And look at her body, it is melting. Oh, and she is just a hair away, I mean less than a pound away from never again being obese, but for now, just overweight! We are the only group of people who can’t wait to be overweight! :)

    Great job, Tina.


    Tina does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • LeighAnne’s 40 lbs Gone B&As May 13, 2016

    LeighAnne’s 40 lbs Gone B&As

    LeighAnne heads up our Overweight side of camp. And look at what she has accomplished. She looks amazing. This is what walking can do for you ladies. No one wants to believe it, but wow.

    And LeighAnne offered to show her face. How cool is that. You don’t have to if you join, but for those that do, with each B&A from 40 lbs up they get a free week of camp.


    Check out how much younger she looks. Her posture. This diet is the bomb!

    LeighAnne does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a day

  • Soko Hits 20 lbs Gone! May 13, 2016

    Soko Hits 20 lbs Gone! 

    On April 22, Soko hit 20 lbs gone. She is the first to hit this new photo milestone since we changed it from 25 to 20. We were all very excited.

    Normally, you can’t see much change in someone’s body at 20 lbs gone, but Soko is looking good!!  There is already a huge change in all of her photos. Way to go Soko!!


    Soko does our Wholy Rawker Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking per day

  • Haley’s 150 Lbs & Goal Before and Afters May 4, 2016

    Haley’s 150 Lbs & Goal Before and Afters

    Here they are, Haley’s amazing 150 lbs gone and goal photos.

    HaleyGoalPose2Losing 150 lbs in 14 months is no easy matter. Yes, our diet will help anyone do it, but the truth is, it takes a clear desire, a want, that many just give up on. Haley doubted it many times, she thought: I’m sick of dieting, I’m sick of weighing, I just want to be normal!  There were a few times she just skimmed by on weight loss to continue her free status at camp after winning the 100 lb challenge. There were times she just broke and completely ate off plan.

    Oh, no, are you disappointed she wasn’t perfect? Don’t be.

    In all of our minds, dieting is temporary. The day to day of dieting for 14 months straight is tough. So how did she do it?

    Haley never gave up. Yes, she wanted to, many times, but she never did. She would get back up each and every time, ask for support, talk about how she was feeling, how overwhelmed she felt at times, how sick and tired she was of dieting. Then she would take a deep breath, get back on her plan, and push through. Haley wanted this.

    She wanted to be a runner, an active mom, a woman who could be proud of what she had done. It didn’t matter how much her fat brain tried to convince her she didn’t really want this or even that she was incapable of getting it, she knew in her heart what she wanted, so she fought, sometimes tooth and nail, and finished this off.

    Everyone at camp who watched this transformation is in awe of her strength, her perseverance, and her dedication to herself.

    Here is what she wrote to the ladies at camp after they saw her before and afters:

    HaleyGoalPose3Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate all of your lovely comments  Everyone here is so capable of doing this. I am so not special in any way, shape or form. I struggled so many times because it is very hard to change habits and behaviors that you have had for so long. But really, that’s all it is, just working hard to change all those bad habits we’ve had for years and years. Just keep doing the work, every day, and the change will start to happen. Your brain will start to accept that this is the new you, and it will get easier and easier with each passing day, and before you know it, you will be at your goal weight too! I am rooting for every single one of you!

    Here is something TinaBee wrote to her in the B&A section at camp. It is basically the theme of all the comments.

    I have been waiting with baited breath to see these B&A’s of yours, Haley! Not only have you climbed Mt. Everest, but you put a big flag on top! You have reminded everyone that if we are willing to believe in ourselves and push past our Fat Brain comfort zones….. ALL things are possible! Thank you for sharing your continuing journey with us! You are truly the definition of an inspiration!

    Haley has inspired us all to look at our dreams, our goals, and even when things ahead look scary and uncertain, to know that if we don’t give up. If we just keep fighting, we can all do as Haley has done: Be the woman we dreamed of for so many years of our lives.


    When you look at these photos take into account that the perspective in the before and afters are the same, so is the pixel width of each comparison. Note in all of the photos, how much less space our beautiful Haley now occupies.

    I asked Haley to write something to share her journey with the rest of the world. Here it is:

    HaleyGoalPose5If anyone would have told me a year ago that I would be 150 pounds lighter in one year, I would have laughed in their face!

    A year ago I weighed almost 300 pounds, and I was pretty much at rock bottom. I had struggled with my weight my entire life. I had tried countless times to lose weight, but I just couldn’t make the changes I needed to make to be successful, and I just kept getting heavier and heavier. I cried every day. I was very unhappy, and very depressed.  I couldn’t play with my kids the way they wanted me to, it was hard for me to get myself out of bed in the morning. My thyroid was messed up, I had sleep apnea, horrible depression, and I just wanted to give up on life.

    I had seen some before and after photos on Pinterest from some women at RFBC about a year and a half earlier, and I was so inspired by them, but I didn’t think I could ever do anything that hard. It seemed so drastic! But I just kept coming back to the website to look at the pictures, wishing that I could be those women who had had such wonderful success.

    In June of 2014 I had my fourth child, and eight months later in February of 2015, I was still wearing my plus size maternity clothes and even they were getting too tight. I had had enough, and I was at the point where I didn’t care what I had to do, I was done being fat. So I signed up for RFBC, and one year later I weigh 138 pounds! It wasn’t easy. I struggled a lot because let’s face it, change is hard, and I was battling years and years of bad habits and behaviors with food. But the support that I got from Carlene and the other ladies at camp were exactly what I needed to keep going.  I had to put in a lot of hard work, but it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I weigh less than I weighed in high school. I have SO much energy.

    I used to wonder how it would feel to be a person who could get through the day without a two hour nap. Now I know! I’m hardly ever tired, my thyroid medication has been dramatically reduced, I no longer have sleep apnea, and my depression is totally gone. I am able to play with my kids every day, and we are enjoying being more active together as a family. I have also started to run every day, and am training for a half marathon in June, and am planning to run a marathon next year, which has been a dream of mine for years.  

    I didn’t just get weight loss from joining RFBC. By listening to the daily audios from Carlene, and by participating in the discussions and support groups at camp, I have been able to take HUGE steps in changing my habits and my attitudes toward food.  I have no desire to return to the way I ate before joining camp. I am enjoying my healthy lifestyle, and I am enjoying finally being happy and at peace in my life.  And I am enjoying being SKINNY!!!!!



    A closing note from Haley after seeing her Goal Page

    For some reason this last year just seems so surreal to me, almost as if it didn’t really happen or something, like it wasn’t really me. I think back over the year and I think to myself, “how did I even do that?” And then I saw my goal page and at first it was like I was looking at someone else’s page, at one of those other women that I really wished I could be, but knew I could never be. And then it just finally sunk in that that WAS ME! And I just started crying because I DID IT! This last year was SO HARD. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but now it’s finally hitting me that I finally did the thing I have wanted to do for so many years. SO MANY YEARS! I don’t know why it took some time for that to really sink in. It’s like the goal page was closure or something. ~ Haley


  • JeanJeanBean Hits Goal in 134 Days! April 29, 2016

    JeanJeanBean Hits Goal in 134 Days with 60 lbs Gone!

    Click here to read about our 120 Genie Days Offer and accompanying audio

    JeanGoalPose3Jean felt it was ironic that she hit her goal weight of 134 in 134 days! Break that down. She dropped 60 lbs and hit her ideal weight in 4.5 months. She didn’t start on our Diva program, she started with our Wholy Rawker program and then moved to our Rawk Starz plan after realizing how great she felt. Well, I’ll let her explain all that to you.

    Before you see her new B&As, here’s what she wrote to me the day she hit goal and offered to show her face in your before and afters:

    From JeanJeanBean to Carlene after Jean hit her goal weight

    I want to say that I really really really appreciate everything you do here at camp! I feel so blessed to be here and I am still in awe at how wonderful I feel every single day. My life has changed drastically and all because I came here and participated and because I believed and trusted in the process. You inspired me to believe and want to live a better life. 

    I know that you give so much and really care for every person that comes here. That was evident to me when I first joined and all the way through my journey….and especially now going into maintenance. You are like a part of my family….my hubby and kids know your name and how you have helped me to get healthier.  

    Your support over the past 4 or so months has really helped me through the rough days. I may not always log or talk much about those kind of days…but I have them…and when I have read your words of encouragement or listened to the audios or even hear about your experiences of what is going on or what has challenged you in your own life….I am motivated to keep going. Rough days, emotions, obstacles…everyone has them…but it is what we can learn from these experiences to grow stronger and wiser that shows we are growing…this is the message I hear you conveying over and over again. 

    I showed my face because I want other people to see that they can get their health back. I want others to see that this is possible….whether it is 60 lbs or 100 lbs…I mean Haley lost 150 lbs….omg! I wish people could understand that this is so simple….eat whole living foods and move your body….and love and respect yourself. The message you are putting out there is so powerful! 



    Just in case you were wondering, 60 lbs in 134 days averages to .44 lbs a day!! 

    Here is Jean’s Story on how she got to goal in 134 days!

    Jean After Hitting Goal and running  her first 12K

    Jean After Hitting Goal and running her first 12K

        I began my journey here at RFBC back in October 2015.  When I saw that Carlene was offering a three week Raw for Health program I jumped at the chance to give it a try.  I had been looking at RFBC probably for a couple of years and I was a little intimidated and nervous about jumping into the weight loss side of camp.  My health was in a horrible state and I just wanted so desperately to change.  After only 3 weeks of just increasing my intake of raw and whole foods my body began to heal and I started to feel so much better.  

       I decided in December that I was ready for “boot camp”.  I knew I wanted to go into 2016 a new woman and that the only way I could do that is if I fully committed to myself and to the process at RFBC.  I needed the accountability and the support.  I had tried to go it alone so many times and I ended up just crashing and burning.  

        In the beginning of RFBC I did not initially do 100% raw RawkStar diet.  The reason for this is that I wanted to start out slow and build myself up.  If I could be a Wholly Rawker and stick with the plan and walk my 2 hours a day then for me that would be a victory.  One day turned into two, and then a week and before I knew what was happening Christmas and New Years went by and I was able to stay on plan, do my walking and watch the weight start to peel off my body.  I started to feel so good and so energized that I knew even early on…I wasn’t going to go back to what my life had been.  I started to feel confident enough to do the RawkStar plan and with the support of the awesome Diva group I really felt like I was able to take off from there.  

        My life has changed so drastically since I have been at RFBC and it will only be 5 months on May 7th.  I used to have chronic pain in my hips, and plantar fasciitis that would at times have me crawling out of bed in the morning…now both are gone and there are days when I am getting in 15 plus miles running and walking.  I used to have a chronic cough due to dairy and grains…again…gone.  My skin is softer, my hair is growing like crazy, and my energy levels are crazy unstoppable.  This is without caffeine with the exception of the occasional cup of green tea.  

    Before RFBC I was not very happy and I would even dare say I was suffering from some functional depression.  I am nowhere even near being depressed today.  

    JeanGoalPose2    One of the biggest lessons I learned here at camp is that I could disconnect from emotional eating.  For the first time in my life I see food as nourishment and energy to fuel my body.  I don’t need to eat over anger, stress, frustration or any emotion including the happiness.  This really has been very powerful for me to understand and practice.  I have gone through some stressful times since starting camp…but I was able to deal with my emotions and not turn to food.  I feel like I have broken free from old patterns and that is something that has changed my life forever.  

        My daughters have a mom that gets up every morning smiling and happy…over 4 months ago I was barely getting out of bed.  My hubby has a best friend who loves to go golfing and hiking…before I didn’t even want to go outside.  I have my self confidence back and I feel like I can take on any challenge because I am strong and healthy.  Life is fantastic and I am so excited for the future.  

        What would I say to newbies at camp or anyone wondering if they can do this…..Believe and you will Achieve.  Cheesy yes…but your mind is what will get you to your goal and if you believe that you will succeed then there is no stopping you.  Your body will follow the path that your mind sets out for you.  Also know that there is a place for you at camp.  Just come to camp and be yourself.  Don’t worry about fitting in (I think we all do in the beginning) just show up and participate and before you know it you just belong like you have always been here.  I was nervous when I first started but I decided that I was just going to be open and vulnerable and learn as much as I could from everyone at camp.  I know we are all different and that we are all unique individuals but it is so surprising that we all experience some of the same feelings, thoughts or frustrations.  If you open your heart and mind here at RFBC you will get to where you want to be.  



  • Jane hits 25 lbs Gone in 5 Weeks! April 15, 2016

    Jane hits 25 lbs Gone in 5 Weeks!

    Jane is new to camp, but she grabbed onto the diet and walking, and is doing what needs to be done. She is going after our 50 lbs in 13 weeks challenge and our 100 lb challenge. I am very excited for her. She’s got the determination to do this, and the diet is loving her. Look at the difference in her body after just 25 lbs gone. Pretty amazing. Let me just say it one more time. All that walking and fruit, it’s amazing!


    Jane does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Goalie’s 60 lbs Gone in 4 Months April 15, 2016

    Goalie’s 60 lbs Gone in 4 Months

    Goalie didn’t start out as one of our Diva’s but when she decided to up her game, wow, has her progress been unstoppable. She hit 50 lbs gone just 3 weeks ago. Everyone at camp, when they saw her photos said she looked like a fitness trainer! How’s that for a compliment. And again, it’s just walking with our Rawk Starz diet. It’s amazing what this plan can do! If you do it.

    Goalie is already taking on some mentoring of other members at camp. She is such a great asset for RFBC, always positive, always here. She is a shining example of what RFBC when done right can do for you. She says she wants to lose 25 more pounds, but it’s hard to see from where!


    Goalie does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking a day

  • ForestryGirl’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters April 15, 2016

    ForestryGirl’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    ForestryGirl joined earlier in the year, but had to take a break from camp. She came back and wow she is just running through these pounds. I don’t normally tell personal things about our members, but ForestryGirl is pretty amazing. At 50, she is changing careers, giving up a pretty awesome job by anyone’s standards, and this summer starts a job with the forestry department. Hard physical labor in the world she loves. Talk about living a dream. She is here at camp to get the weight off, and to get fit for her new adventure. Talk about motivation.

    ForestryGirl heads up our 100 lbers Club. It’s a conversation group for the women who come to camp with 100+ lbs to lose. She probably doesn’t see herself as the head of that group, but her steadfastness and enthusiasm for getting this done is a true inspiration at camp.


    Again, check out the change in her body with just 25 lbs gone. This is what walking does. It tones. People never believe something as simple as walking, and of course amazing fruit and veggies can give such great results, but it does. Congratulations ForestryGirl!

  • Annie’s 25 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks April 15, 2016

    Annie’s 25 lbs Gone in 4 Weeks

    Annie came to camp and ran with it. 25 lbs in 4 weeks is a great start. It is so healthy and good for you. Too good for you at times! Okay, so Annie’s great news that she is pregnant, was our loss. She is going to wait until after the baby is born to continue at camp. We already miss her big time! Look at the change in her body in these photos. This is what 2 hours of walking can do for you.


    Annie did our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking Daily

  • Mona’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters in 6 Weeks April 15, 2016

    Mona’s 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters in 6 Weeks

    Mona came to us in February and by March 28th (sorry these are late to the boards) had hit her first 25 lbs gone. She is now working hard to reach her 40 lb gone mark. That should happen near the end of April. Mona is a returning member. She lost 60 lbs with us before, but by her own admission, she didn’t stay for maintenance and gained it back. This time, she determined to stick it out all the way!


    Mona does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking a day.

  • JeanJeanBean Hits 50 lbs Gone! April 2, 2016

    JeanJeanBean hits 50 lbs Gone!!

    Jean started with us on Dec 7th. She had been in the 3 week Raw for Health program I offered last October, and had a taste of what good food does for your health. In December, she decided to come back, feel better, and lose weight too.

    At first she was going between our Wholy Rawker diet and our Rawk Starz diet, and doing the walking, but then about a month or more ago, she decided to take it up a notch and join our Divas.

    Look at what being a Diva has done for her. The most common comment coming from the group today regarding her photos is: You’re as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Needless to say, she is well loved at camp.

    Jean works with Goalie and JenClagg in a team effort to mentor one of our Diva groups.


    I’ve said it before, and will say it again. Walking for weight loss Rawks!!

    Jean is a Rawk Starz Diva. That means she does our Rawk Starz diet and walks 2 hours a day, every day. 

  • CourageousOne Hits 70 lbs Gone April 2, 2016

    CourageousOne Hits 70 lbs Gone!

    CourageousOne is a marvel! I am so proud of her. When she came back to camp this time, she told me she she was not leaving until she was done. And she meant it. Her first 60 lbs went fast. She was on fire. But then the struggles came, her motivation dimmed, and the weight loss stalled. She didn’t quit though. Instead, she kept checking in, reminding me of her promise to not quit until she was done. Then Wham!! She decided it was time. Got back into gear. Dropped these 10 lbs and has set new goals. The best is to have 100 lbs gone by her 1 year anniversary at RFBC. That’s my favorite.

    Her photos are amazing. This is what 70 lbs gone looks like!!


    CourageousOne is on our Veterans side of camp doing our Wholy Rawker Diet with a minimum of 1 hour of walking a day.

  • Goalie Hits 50 lbs Gone in 14.5 Weeks! March 20, 2016

    Goalie Hits 50 lbs Gone in 14.5 Weeks

    Everyone at camp loves, Goalie. And no wonder, she brings such a great attitude and spirit to camp. She is one of our divas now, but wasn’t when she started. She worked up to it, and still she hit 50 lbs gone in just 2.5 weeks longer than our big time challengers do. We, I, am so excited for her and beyond proud, not just of her loss but what she brings to RFBC.

    You will notice again how her body is firming up. People knock our walking only method of exercise for weight loss, but you see it in our B&As. Our ladies prove it. Goalie is no exception. Look at her arms, those amazing calves, and how flat her belly has become. This is what fruit, veggies, and walking can do for you. You don’t see her face, but, there too, the transformation is amazing.



    Goalie was so excited to show off her photos yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day. Her mom and dad came to the US from Ireland by boat. Every day when she walks, she thinks of her Mom who power walked the streets of New York City as she made a life for them in that great city. It was a touching memory she shared with all of us. And while her folks have passed, we were all sure, they too were smiling down on her great success here at RFBC.

  • Alpha10 Wins Our 50 lbs in 13 Weeks Challenge March 17, 2016

    Alpha10 Wins Our 50 lbs in 13 Weeks Challenge

    Yes, she got 13 weeks to win our challenge. That’s the deal when Group Only and Full Members start camp on our 13 week program. They get the extra week, and Alpha took advantage of it, to win, win, win!!

    She get 4 free weeks of camp for her great achievement at camp.

    Alpha leads our Diva group. She is a Group Only member, so we are even more excited for her because all the accountability she has used to stay so strong has been self driven. Don’t get me wrong, she has had great support from others at camp, but her focus and determination are all hers!



    Here is what Alpha10 had to say to the group after we showed off her before and afters:

    I just wanted to write this right now to everyone at camp because of how I’m feeling today. When I came to camp Dec 7th 2015, I was DETERMINED. I came to camp because of the homepage Before and Afters. I came to camp with a made up mind but I was still thinking ” Is this REALLY going to work for ME?????

    It’s worked for others at RFBC but will it work for ME? I tried not to think about the journey but think about the here and now and take each day and week as it came. I remember looking at other ladies B&As and thinking , damn, losing 20, 30, 40 pounds seems so far away and seems like it will take a long time to accomplish that. But here I am, 50+ pounds down in Just under 3 months and still I’m in absolute amazement. Because now it is REAL AND IT IS MY REALITY. IT MAKES ME A BIT EMOTIONAL because I’ve wanted this so bad and fought tooth and nail, eating POP with no slippups to break the long standing habits of rewarding myself with food rewards for mini milestones. I want all NEWBIES out there to know , follow the plan, do the walking, walk through the pain, walk when you don’t want to, eat PERFECT ON PLAN even when you are sick of the same fruits and veggies and salads and this IS GOING TO BE YOU FOR SURE hitting 20, 30, 40 50 + pounds lost. I couldn’t imagine my milestones to come at camp because they were so far away when I started but here I am today. I am elated. Just wanted to share.

    Alpha10 does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day!

  • Kristine Hits 25 lbs Gone in 5 Weeks! March 17, 2016

    Kristine Hits 25 lbs Gone in 5 Weeks!

    Kristine is not a diva at camp. She does our Rawk Starz Diet, but not the 2 hours of walking a day. She walks a lot, but doesn’t commit to the 2 hours. And yet, there she is, the loss looks like a lot more than 25 lbs. We are showing her photos today at camp, and as all of us have been these past two weeks with these great before and afters, we are going into the weekend, inspired and motivated by all the great success!


    Kristine does our Rawk Starz diet with 45 minutes to 2 hours of walking a day

  • JenClagg Hit 25 lbs Gone! March 17, 2016

    JenClagg Hit 25 lbs Gone!

    Jen looks great. She came to camp, not as a diva to start, but couldn’t resist their great success and went after her own. And man, did she get it!! She doesn’t always get in the 2 hours of walking, but she does it consistent enough to get these amazing results.


    JenClagg does our Rawk Starz Diet and Usually 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • TinaBee Hit 40lbs Gone March 17, 2016

    TinaBee Hit 40lbs Gone

    Tina joined RFBC back on October of last year as an On Your Own Plus member, then upgraded to our Group Only program in November, then with her next renewal became a Full Member at camp. I think she might be the first to hit all three membership levels!

    Tina is another who has struggled with the changes needed at RFBC. She reminds me of Haley, our 140 lbs gone member. Constantly struggling, but constantly doing the program and finding her way.

    She is now one of our Divas. One of our respected voices at camp, and someone to watch as she finishes off her weight.

    The other week, she had this to say about herself:

    As of this week, especially with being able to cross my legs at the knees, I no longer officially consider myself a fat person anymore. Sure…..on the BMI weight charts I am still in the 30s, I have a ways to go, yet, but I have gained so much mobility and I look so different, in a good way. My thinking is an ongoing process, which is normal. I still have moments I have to motivate and push myself to do things. Food cravings get to me sometimes, but each day I am one day closer to looking like my old self with the added benefit of being healthier.


    Tina is a now a Rawk Starz Diva, that means she eat 100% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw and walks 2 hours a day.

  • Natanja hits 40 lbs Gone! March 17, 2016

    Natanja hits 40 lbs Gone!

    Natanja is one of our stars at RFBC. Not for how fast she loses, but by how much she has changed. When she first came to camp, she questioned everything. She doubted the fruit we eat, the need for all the walking, and the idea that she had to change.

    Now, to see how far she has come, how much she has changed, has been inspirational to so many. Two weekends ago, she went on a snow boarding trip with her friends (she lives in Switzerland, to give you the right visual), she took a train, packed all of her own food, and was surprised to learn it wasn’t just her friend and a few others, but that she was on a corporate trip with all the food provided.

    That did not sideline her. All her friends know she eats a certain way. She has made it clear to them that this is how she is, and they are fine with it. Since she does do our wholy rawker plan, she did go out to eat with the group once, and told the waiter she would have the grilled, fish I believe, but they needed to cook it to her specifications. No one thought anything of it, especially her.

    Natanja is not perfect to plan all the time. But her attitude is one of this is who I am, accept me if you want to be with me. She stands up for herself when it comes to her food and even her walking. I am so proud of who she has become as the caretaker of her body.

    She is feeling good, loving life, and no longer questions anything about our plan or the walking. It is who she is and she is proud.


    Natanja eats mostly a Rawk Starz diet, but does Wholy Rawkers when needed. She usually walks 2 hours a day.

    Disclaimer: Crop tops and sports bras are not allowed in your photos! Nor are Wonder Woman arms. This was a slip on my part when she first sent her start photos.

  • JeanJeanBean Hits 40 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks March 17, 2016

    JeanJeanBean Hits 40 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks

    Jean joined our Raw for Health program last October and tried raw as a means to beat some health issues. She did great, but when the 3 weeks were done, she left camp.

    On Dec 27th, Jean returned, and has fallen in love with raw food, walking and RFBC.

    Well, here is what she wrote in her post to me on Monday.

    I had the best day today!  I mean it was freakin awesome!  I was able to get my household work done, grocery shopping and other errands, I bought some new clothes, took the girls to activities, got through dinner and homework and got in over 16 miles…and I was not tired one tiny bit (until now..but it is 10 pm)  A year ago I would have passed out or ended up in the hospital…ha ha!  I probably have more energy these days then I did when I was in my 20’s and had no kids.  And what we did for my daughters birthday would have never been possible if I wasn’t in the shape I am in.  The amazing thing is that I am not finished…if I feel this good now I can only imagine how great it is going to be when I am at goal.

    The audio today was one of my favorites so far.  You are so right about the way clothes fit and how that feels.  I feel that the habits that I have been establishing over the past few months are the foundation for me to live the rest of my life in a healthy way.

    Today on one of my walks I was thinking about how in the past I had been so abusive to my body both physically and mentally.  This body that carried two babies,underwent two C-Sections, breastfed two babies, ran 5 half marathons, went through Air Assault school, skydived, and traveled all over the world.  I had been so insulting and angry when my body stopped performing at the level it once had before I decided to starve it of nutrients.  I didn’t understand why I was so tired day in and day out. Today was so awesome for me because I finally started to see that when I love this body and nourish it….actually respect it….my body will respond and is capable of going farther then I ever realized was possible.

    This is exciting for me and takes me to a place beyond the scale. I am looking at the future and seeing all the possibility that comes along with maintenance.  This isn’t about dieting to lose weight, only to get to a goal and slip backwards.  This is about changing my life, the way I relate to food, my body and where I am going.


    Jean goes between our Wholy Rawker and Rawk Starz diet, but usually walks 2 hours a day.

  • Britsit hits Goal with 26 lbs Gone March 17, 2016

    Britsit hits Goal with 26 lbs Gone.

    Britsit did not come to RFBC for a quick fix diet. It has taken her 3 months to drop these 26 lbs. Instead she has worked hard to overcome her own eating issues, to see what form of raw worked best for her, and to tackle the idea of just get it done and move back to old ways.

    She is heading off for a month long trip to Europe, and is going to up her calories but stay raw so she can maintain her loss while gone. When she returns we will start on her Maint in Training program so she can transition into a lifelong plan that will keep her happy, trim, and healthy for the rest of her life.


    Disclaimer: No one is allowed to wear all dark colors. When Britsit sent me her photos, I was so blow away with how small she was, that I didn’t notice the all dark until I was making her B&As and since she is leaving tomorrow for her trip, I didn’t make her redo them. You cannot wear all dark in your photos!

    Britsit is on our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 45 minutes a day of walking.

  • RawLisa hits 25 lbs Gone! March 17, 2016

    RawLisa hits 25 lbs Gone!

    Raw Lisa is a Group Only member, so I haven’t seen her food or exercise over the past 3 months. Nor do I know her or her story very well.  I do know that she recently joined up with our Divas and this is when the big weight loss drops have happened.

    The divas love having her in the group and find her motivation and participation inspiring.


    RawLisa is currently doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • TomGreen Wins Our 50 lbs in 12 Weeks Challenge February 28, 2016

    TomGreen Wins the 50 lbs Gone in 12 Weeks Challenge

    Wow, Tom looks great, doesn’t he. His belly is gone. Gone!! He worked hard for this 50 lbs gone. Went through some medical issues, fought with me over foods and heart rate, but in the end, while we did do some compromise and he did do some running, he pulled this off and looks fantastic.  He’s not at goal yet, he still considers himself obese, but his body has really shrunk.



    As a winner of our 50 lbs Challenge, TomGreen earned 4 free weeks of camp.

    Tom does our Rawkinator diet. Mostly raw with some steamed veggies. He has been walking/running for 2 hours a day.

  • Goalie Hits 40 lbs Gone in 11 Weeks! February 28, 2016

    Goalie Hits 40 lbs Gone in 11 Weeks

    Goalie didn’t start camp as one of our Rawk Starz Divas, but she moved in with them and the weight has been rolling off. She looks amazing. And the best part is, she isn’t thinking about this marker as an end point at all, she is seeing it as a mark on a map that will take her in the right direction.

    We are just showing her photos at camp today, so sorry no quotes from Goalie about her fabulous success, yet!

    Goalie does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day.

  • LeighAnne Hits 25 lbs Gone! February 28, 2016

    LeighAnne Hits 25 lbs Gone in 7 Weeks

    LeighAnne didn’t start off with our Divas, and she has had some small struggles here and there, but she knows what she wants and is fighting for it. It shows. Look at how trim she is. When I put her B&As together, I thought, wow, how did she get in with our BMI of 30 or more rule, but then when I said she was almost at goal, she told me where she wanted to go, and it’s still a ways away. But wow, she looks awesome.

    Everyone thinks our walking can’t possibly be enough to give these types of results. They think they have to do all sorts of other things like zumba, pilaties, crossfit, but honestly walking is an amazing form of exercise. It is low impact on our bodies, but it is trimming and burns fat better than anything else we have tried.

    Look at how great LeighAnne looks. Yes, some of that is genetic, but a lot of it is fruits and veggies and walking.


    LeighAnne does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • TJsMom Qualifies for our 100 lb Challenge February 28, 2016

    TJsMom Qualifies for our 100 lb Challenge!

    TJsMom is the first 100 lb Challenger for 2016. I am so excited!! She looks great. Okay, the after photos aren’t the best, but look at her face. She looks so much younger, her skin is awesome! Oh, and her body is shrinking by leaps and bounds. She looks amazing.


    You’re seeing these photos at the same time as everyone at camp, so no quote from TJsMom, yet. She is excited though. She worked really hard for this. Her original start was hard and slower, but she got the fire and we set up a new deal, one she could do, but only if she worked her tail off. And oh, yeah, she did. Look at her.

    Transformation. That is what we are about. To you, we hope to show you what is possible, even if you don’t choose RFBC, to change your life, find something that will work for you, something you will do, somewhere, some people who you can work with to not just rid yourself of the fat suit, but to rid yourself of the behaviors, ideas, misconceptions that put you in the fat suit to begin with.

    Come join TJsMom and lose 100 lbs in 7 Months!! Darn, she looks good, doesn’t she??

  • Haley Hits 140 lbs Gone in 1 Year February 28, 2016

    Haley hits 140 lbs Gone in One Year!

    On Wednesday, when I put up Haley’s 140 lbs gone before and afters at camp, members kept coming back to the discussion thread to look again, and again, jaws dropped, eyes wide with grand inspiration.

    I would love to tell you that Haley just focused and ran through her weight loss journey, but that wasn’t the case. She won our 100 lbs in 7 months challenge, then lost her momentum. She wanted to be done, and the idea of having to lose 47 more pounds seemed overwhelming. Well, check out her photos and read what she had to say to all of us who were in awe of her great success.


    From Haley:

    Wow, thank you SO much everyone   Your comments have totally made my day! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it a thousand times, choosing to join RFBC was absolutely, 100%, the best choice I have ever made in my life. I believe with all of my heart that I could never have done this anywhere else, and I will be forever and always grateful to every single person here for being with me and supporting me on this CRAZY, HARD, but AWESOME journey. I have had some very difficult times when I have almost given up and quit because for some reason or another I felt like it was just too hard, times when I felt like I was hanging on by a thread, but I just kept hanging on, I never let go, and it is so hard to believe that I have lost this much weight in a year. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be here today I would have laughed in their face. I absolutely love my new body. I still have some things I want to work on. I still need to lose a few more pounds and then I want to work on getting stronger, but I am well on my way to having the strong, fit body I have always wanted. I seriously feel like now the sky is the limit  Every part of my life has been made better because of this diet, the walking, and all of the things I have learned at RFBC.  I started RFBC wearing size 3x in tops and a size 26 in bottoms. Today I went shopping and I was able to buy a size 9/10 in jeans and size medium tops, and I even bought one size small  This is absolutely crazy to me! I NEVER would have thought this possible, EVER! But here I am. Never give up ladies. If I had one piece of advice to give it would be just never give up on yourself. I am not special or different than anyone else. If I can do this, anyone can. Also, Carlene, you are my hero and I never could have done any of this without you. You saved my life.

    Well, actually, Haley saved her own life. We guide, we encourage, we listen, but in the end, Haley did this for herself. And we are so very proud of her. I hope you are too.

  • RainAmy Hits 60 lbs Gone! February 28, 2016

    RainAmy Hits 60 lbs Gone

    We are all so happy for and proud of RainAmy and her amazing transformation here at RFBC. In the beginning, Amy did our Rawk Starz diet, but found after the initial 50 lbs were gone, that speed wasn’t as important to her as success, so she chose to do our Wholy Rawker diet with 2 hours of walking a day to allow herself some cooked food.

    Choosing success over speed is hard for most who come to camp because we tend to attract a lot of all on nothing types. Making this choice, to accept what truly will work for you, is a big step in the life long change needed to maintain the weight.

    And it is paying off. Look at how great she looks.


  • Ronda Hits 40 lbs Gone! February 28, 2016

    Ronda’s 40 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    Ronda actually hit her 40 lbs gone before the holidays, but then enjoyed a little too much holiday cheer! She didn’t disappear, she knew what she was doing, came back, recovered her loss and is now glowing in her success.

    The comment most made over her before and afters this week was how strong she looks. This is important to Ronda, she loves feeling fit.


    Ronda as a rule does our Rawk Starz diet. She walks between 45 minutes and 2 hours a day.

  • Alexab Hits 25 lbs Gone! February 28, 2016

    Alexab’s 25 lbs Gone B&As

    Right now, Alexab is my RFBC Hero. She is dealing with some tough times, and yet, her food is on plan each and every day. There are some days she can’t get in her walking, so she looks for alternatives. Yes, she did tell me the other day she would love to eat some cooked food and drink some wine, but she is staying strong.

    And while she has hit a major milestone for us, getting to Onederland, she made an even bigger one for herself. She uses kg to measure her weight and she made it out of the 90’s and through that 8 gate, as we call it.


    She told us the other day, with these 28 (she’s lost more since these photos) and some she lost on her own last year, she has lost 21 kg, the exact weight as her youngest son. She can’t imagine having carried his equivalent on her back for all that time. I love realizations like this!

  • A Post from GreenQueen February 28, 2016

    Here’s a post GreenQueen made at camp on Dec 28th, our 10th Year Anniversary:

    Hi Carlene,

    Just wanted to check in and say Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary.
    Consider me a success story.  I started at 234 and my goal was 160.  I started in October of 2013.  Two years later I am 162 this morning, two pounds over goal.  This is the first time in my life I have kept my weight loss off for so long.  It’s been about a year and a half since I reached goal.
    Eating right and daily walking are what keep me at goal.  Once I  embraced the Fat Brain Lies and succumbed to the idea that I would have to walk daily for the rest of my life, Maintenance became second nature.   I”m not saying every day is easy, but it certainly doable.   I finally after all these years realize that nothing tastes as good as thin feels.    
    Thank you, Carlene, for helping me deal with my food issues and learn to live my life rather than spending my days on the couch watching tv and eating junk.    
    And thank you to all my fellow Campers who provided support and encouragement along my journey.
  • CJane 6 Months Into Maintenance! February 28, 2016

    CJane sent me this photo to celebrate her 6 months of maintenance:

     This is CJane in her size 4’s after losing 120 lbs with us last year.  Here’s her response in a discussion about maintenance:

    Hello all, some of the best advice Carlene ever gave me was to not think about maintenance until you are there. I am amazed at how much I don’t want to eat now that I am in maintenance. When I was in lose mode, I would think about my exciting meals I could eat “once in awhile” in maintenance. But after losing weight and feeling good those things are only slightly appealing and just not worth it! Also there is the craving dilemma if I eat that food I’ll have cravings, why set myself up to fight the cravings beast when I seem to have scared him away. Like the bear analogy, it’s like thinking, well the bear hasn’t been around I think I’ll call him back up and invite him over! 

    Welcome NEWBIES!!!!!! Welcome to mind blowing healthy weight loss! I’m CJanerun I joined in nov 2014 at 270 lbs, now I’m maintaining around 150. Size 20-size 4. Sluggish to energetic!! I reached goal in July! These will be your stats soon:)

  • Hope Flows Hits 70 lbs Gone! February 28, 2016

    Hope Flows hits 70 lbs Gone!

    HopeFlow struggled some through November and December, but she hit the new year running and got her 70 lbs gone marker done. Now she is back to diva mode (Rawk Starz diet and 2 hours of walking) and is determined to finish this part of her weight loss journey off pretty quick.

    She is looking good, you have to admit. Look at that glow on her face!


  • CourageousOne Hits 60 lbs Gone! December 31, 2015

    CourageousOne Hits 60 lbs Gone

    This actually happened last week. Sixty pounds is a lot of weight to lose. CourageousOne works a demanding job, moreoftan than not 10-12 hour days, she travels, she has school age children that she must make sure get their homework done and play safe. Not to mention making sure they are fed. Some days she is so overwhelmed with everything, she doesn’t think she has room to breath.

    But she has made time for RFBC, for her health, and even for her walking. This isn’t her first time at camp, but it is the first time when she has made it clear to herself that losing this weight, getting fit, are important to her family as well as herself.

    I have known her for a while, and I can’t begin to explain how this time is so different for her. She’s got this, she’s there, and she’s doing it. Big time congrats CourageousOne. You make it all look so easy when we all know just how much you have to work to do this.



    CourageousOne does our Wholy Rawker Diet with a minimum of 1 Hour of Walking per day
  • Amandy Hits 25 lbs Gone! December 31, 2015

    Amandy Hits 25 lbs Gone 

    Amandy didn’t think there was a very big difference in her photos, but we disagree. Yes, the perspective is off a little in the photos, but still look at her back view. Big difference. She has inspired many of our other newbies to pick up the pace and go after their 25 lbs gone before and afters. Today, those newbies all want to be Amandy!


    Amandy does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking each day
  • CJane Writes About Her 1 Year at RFBC November 14, 2015

    CJane Writes About Her 1 Year at RFBC

    CJaneRun120GoalCollageCJane’s 120 lbs Gone and Goal Photos from July 2015

    Hello hello my friends!

    Today is a special day for me, it’s my 1 year at rfbc anniversary. Wow when I think about where I was a year ago compared to today, was that even the same person?!? I was fat and ashamed of myself. I couldn’t overachieve enough to make up for the fact that I was still obese and felt helpless about it. Then a year ago today I thought, I’m just gonna try this to see what happens, see if maybe this will work. I thought maybe I’ll lose 73 lbs and be back to my lowest adult weight, I wasn’t even thinking long term I was just thinking lose and don’t worry about the future. Little did I know I was going to heal my body, I feel fantastic all of the time, I went from a 24-size 4 but what is more I have healed my deep seated fat brain issues. I have a different view now, a different relationship with food and exercise than I have ever had in my whole life! I have gained the tools to stay thin and active and be in control at all times.

    I feel great because I went from always being the biggest girl in the room to now one of the very smallest. Last year my two favorite activities were naps and tv watching, now I don’t have time for either. I cycle, walk, jog, hike, climb, snow shoe and I can work physically hard, I call it working like a man:). I m also proud of my diet, I haven’t had sugar, bread or pasta, or dairy in over a year! That in itself is an amazing accomplishment. I own this new life now, this is who I am.

    So I’ve said it before but I must say it again. Carlene you are a miracle worker, your voice will forever be embedded in my head! Thank you for doing this program, and helping so many people!!!
    Thank you divas turned maintainers, you are incredible people that I am still so concerned about letting down that you keep me on the straight and narrow!!especially my twin Erica!!!
    You are all so wonderful, thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

    Pretty awesome, huh?


  • Karnett Hits 70 lbs Gone! November 10, 2015

    Karnett Hits 70 lbs Gone!

    Karnett is on a role, and is determined to win the first of her 100 lb challenges by Dec 18th. Today’s she’s at 74 lbs gone and is pushing hard. Here are her 70 lb gone before and afters. She is looking so good!! We are all so very proud of her.

    Karnett does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking a day

  • Jenna Hits 60 lbs Gone! November 10, 2015

    Jenna Hits 60 lbs Gone

    Jenna did it and we are beyond proud of her. All along, she has said it was the 60 lbs gone before and afters that really made the difference, and she didn’t disappoint us. Look at how awesome she looks. This hasn’t been an easy passage for her. It has been one of perseverance and patience. But, look what she has done!


    Jenna does our Wholy Rawker plan with a minimum of 45 minutes a day of walking

  • SirenWolverine hits her first 25 lbs Gone! October 9, 2015

    SirenWolverine hits her first 25 lbs Gone!

    SirenWoverine has come to camp, and while she has not been perfect, she has fought through the hard times and achieved something she really wanted. Her first 25 lbs gone. We are all very proud of her. She kept saying, I want that 25 lbs gone, and she did it! Now to fight through the major milestone screams of the fat brain that say, okay, you should be done. Especially, when you look this good!


    SirenWolverine does our Wholy Rawker Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day

  • JayaBlue Hits 60 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet October 9, 2015

    JayaBlue Hits 60 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

    JayaBlue is one of our 100 lb Challengers who has opted to up her game to our new bigger challenge. I’m very excited about this. Jaya has a hectic, busy life, but is sticking to her plan and going after the big win. I’m very proud of her for this. Many will cower under a busy life, but the truth is, if you live that kind of life, it isn’t going to get better any time soon, so you might as well make the time now and feel the benefits of a sound healthy diet. more energy, more stamina, more balanced. It is well worth the effort.

    And it is paying off. Look at how much she has changed. Amazing, isn’t it?


    JayaBlue does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 hours of Walking a Day

  • Katy Hits 50 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet October 2, 2015

    Katy Hits 50 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

    We are all so proud of Katy. She has shed 50 lbs since joining RFBC under circumstances others would have folded. Katy has major health issues. She’s had them most of her life. And while there are many days she is in bed from her disease and can’t walk, she has never broken her food plan and these 50 lbs have come off rather nicely.

    Katy will be joining in on our Raw for Health program, kind of assisting me in helping those that participate. She has seen first hand what a raw food diet can do for health. While it isn’t curing her and doesn’t protect her from the things in life that set her back, her recovery time is much shorter, her energy higher, and her up time longer. I’ve said it before, but Katy inspires all of us at RFBC. It is such an honor having her doing this with us.


    Katy does our Wholy Rawkers Diet with walking as she can

  • Ikic Hits 50 lbs Gone and Onederland on the Same Day! September 25, 2015

    Ikic Hits 50 lbs Gone and Onederland on the Same Day!

    Ikic, did it!! We are all so proud of her. She has been going through some tough situations with her knees and feet, and then had her grandchildren staying with her while her, and couldn’t get out to walk, but look what she did!! We are inspired by and thrilled for her.

    Ikic is the queen of perseverance as she has struggled with her knees for quite some time. She has researched every thing she can do besides walking to get in her fat burn zone and lose the weight. She taught us all the value of a rebounder when done for cardio. I thought it would be bad on the knees, but she found all sorts of people who use it to alleviate their arthritis and has been building up her time on it and finding good results.

    Congratulations, Ikic. Onederland is such a beautiful place to be!


    For those that don’t know. Onederland is what we call it when people leave the 200’s and move into the 100’s on that scale. That 199 is the most thankful sight for those who haven’t seen it in years and even decades.

    Ikic does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes a day of some kind of fat burning cardio.

  • A2TheSwart Hits 60 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet September 18, 2015

    A2TheSwart Hits 60 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

    Wow, oh, wow, A2TheSwart looks amazing. I had her take her new photos in the same spot she took her start photos because of how different she looks. It’s amazing what this diet can do. She looks so much younger, healthier, vibrant and alive! Okay, and the outfit is cute too!

    A2 is one of our 100 lbs in 7 Months Challengers. She had a tough time in the beginning to get her walking up to the 2 hours in her fat burn zone, but she pushed and pushed for it, and now has it down. The weight is coming off and she is set to win the 100 lb challenge in December.

    Right now, she too, is under a lot of stress, but she is sticking to her food plan and doing her walking. Life can be tough at times, it can feel totally out of control, but when it comes to what we put in our mouths, this one thing, we have complete control over. A2 has embraced that. Food does not fix life’s problems (unless starvation is the problem) we do, and we can do it without using food to numb or medicate us.

    This is a hard lesson, but one all the women at camp learn. A2 is using those skills to get through her busy, stressful time and continue on her path to healing her body and reclaiming her life. The photo rather says it, don’t you think. That is the picture of a woman happy with her choices.


    A2TheSwart does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

    A2TheSwart is set to win our 100 lbs in 7 Months Challenge in December

  • Cathy hits 81 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet and Hits Goal! September 11, 2015

    Cathy hits 81 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet and Hits Goal!

    Cathy actually has one pound more to go to hit goal, but we’re calling it! She’ll take this weekend to fight off the urges of running back to old ways and on Monday, she will enter our Maint In Training program. We are all very excited for her.

    Cathy has embraced the athlete within and in the past few months has been on one adventure after another. She did a week long bike ride with a group of strangers, then went to Yellowstone and hiked for over a week along trails she at times didn’t even think she was capable of traversing, but she did it. Granted this hike took her a few days to recover from even at her level of fitness, but she did it. This is what change is all about. It’s about having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and tackles things you never would have considered possible.

    Everyday, Cathy exemplifies what it is we stand for at RFBC. Change! Taking life and living it to the fullest. She doesn’t miss a thing. She has already signed up for more week long adventures to continue to push her new athletic self. We are all in awe of her!

    Now, it’s your turn.


    This transformation took 8.5 Months. Was it worth her time? Her effort? I think so, and so does she. Here is what she wrote in this morning’s daily discussion:

    Since working this program I have made choices and changes that have build my self esteem and self confidence back up. I can honestly say now that I have become the person I have wanted to become but I continue to strive forward for what I want in life.~Cathy

    Cathy does our Rawk Starz/Wholy Rawkers Diet (she has to do Wholy Rawkers when she takes off for these trips with food provided) and at least one hour of walking a day combined with biking, hiking, and kayaking. 

  • Kace Hits 114 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet September 11, 2015

    Kace Hits 114 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

    Since winning our 100 lbs in 7 Months Challenge in July, Kace has so far won 8 more free weeks of camp by keeping up with our continuing challenge requirements. Very cool!! Her next photos will be at 125 lbs gone. More importantly, she is just 7.2 lbs from reaching Onederland.

    Kace started RFBC less than nine months ago at over 300 lbs, and now, within the next few weeks, she will see that magical 199 on her scale. This is a huge moment for anyone who hasn’t been in the one hundreds for a long time. It’s like stepping into a new land. And one of the most fun parts is that once you hit Onederland those clothes sizes tend to go down and down very fast. We are all excited to watch this final transformation for Kace, she is such a pillar at camp.


    As you can see, the transformation for Kace is remarkable. She looks stunning. For women who come to camp with over 150 lbs to lose, it can feel daunting at times, but this is Kace in less than 9 months. Just imagine what she will look like at the end of the year. I’m hoping for goal. In a year. Or less. This is what I love about our plan. For those who are willing to work it, it works, and the proof is here. It’s not always easy, everyone struggles here and there, but with support and a daily reminder that all it takes is perseverance, beautiful things can happen. Just look at Kace!

    Kace does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of Walking a Day

  • CrystalClear Hits 60 lbs Gone! September 4, 2015

    CrystalClear Hits 60 lbs Gone! 

    I am so proud of Crystal, she has been at camp for a while now, she does struggle, but she never gives up. It has taken her a while to get these past ten pounds, but in the end, she did it with flare.

    These past few weeks Crystal has been at a convention, a convention full of off plan foods, and she still managed to get these great losses. The past two weeks she was involved in a special challenge that was 5 lbs in 2 weeks. She lost 7.8 lbs! That is a great loss in 2 weeks. She is now, part of our 10 lbs in September Challenge and I am expecting to see her hit 70 lbs gone by the end of the month!

    That, according to these before and afters will put her pretty darn close to goal!!


    Please join me in giving Crystal a big round of a applause. She deserves it as she shows the world that anything worth having is worth working for regardless!

    Crystal does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day. 


  • Onecia Hits Goal with 35.5 lbs Gone! September 3, 2015

    Onecia Hits Goal with 35.5 lbs Gone!

    Onecia did it. She hit goal. I’m telling you, soon we’ll have more women in maintenance than in our weight loss section of camp! There was never any doubt though that Onecia would hit goal. She came to camp to do this, and she’s staying at camp to make it stick.

    As a Group Only member, Onecia has had to muster up her own sense of accountability, and she hasn’t missed the mark once. She has participated, daily. She has been the strong voice in our conversations. She is so much of camp, that I always forget she is a Group Only member. I feel I know her as well as I do our Full Members.

    And that is how she did this. She used camp as her strength. She trusted her teammates for support. She offered encouragement and motivation to others and in so doing obligated herself to succeed. She’s been pretty amazing at camp.

    And, she looks great!


    We talk about embracing and enjoying life often at camp, fat or thin, so I loved getting the ukulele photo. You don’t see her smile, but man, she looks like she’s about to sing you a song! I love goal smiles!

    Onecia is a Group Only Member so I am not sure of her diet and exercise

  • Elain hits 70 lbs Gone in 7 Months 3 Weeks with a Raw Food Diet August 25, 2015

    Elain hits 70 lbs Gone in 7 Months 3 Weeks with a Raw Food Diet

    Elain is so excited, and we are so excited for her. Not only has she lost 70 lbs in the 7 Months and 3 Weeks she’s been at RFBC, but she is down 100 lbs from her highest weigh ever. Those first 30 lbs were also lost with a raw food diet. Oh and did I mention, that during these 7 months and 3 weeks, she also underwent surgery where she couldn’t walk for bit. Her house and car flooded from spring storms, and she had to coordinate the cleanup and repair for two different homes. I say, kudos to you, Elain. You are reaching super hero status around camp!

    And her new before and afters are looking good! Wow, 70 lbs, 100 lbs, Elain is on a roll.


    This past week, Elain talked me into offering a 2 week challenge for some of our old timers who have been stuck for a while at the same weight. She and Tess headed the group up, and wow. I mean wow. These women performed. Elain claimed the biggest milestone of them all by hitting her 70 lbs gone the first few days of this challenge. Don’t be surprised to see more of them showign up this next week with some pretty numbers too!

    Elain does our Rawk Starz Diet with a minimum of 1 hour of walking a day. 



  • RoseMom Hits 25 lbs Gone August 12, 2015

    RoseMom Hits 25 lbs Gone!

    RoseMom started with our OverWeight group a while back. She came from a healthy food plan, but couldn’t get rid of these stubborn 25-30 lbs. She has stuck to our Rawk Starz program, got in her walking, and did it. We are all so proud of her. Just another 5 lbs and she’ll call goal. We’ll show you those final photos, but you have to admit, she is looking fine!!


    I cut her head off higher than usual so you could see the beautiful jaw line she’s sculpted through raw foods.

    RoseMom does our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 1 hour of walking a day.

  • Huppicke Hits 70 lbs Gone and Goal! August 8, 2015

    Huppicke Hits 70 lbs Gone and Goal!

    They are here. Huppicke’s Goal Photos. She sent me some fun shots to choose from, and I loved them all so much I decided to make 2 collages for her.

    I am a big Huppicke fan. She is not the strongest member at camp. She is not the most perfect member at camp, but she is one of a group of women who rally us up, who remind us we are a team, who steps up to help whenever anyone needs it. I think of her as a cornerstone here at camp.

    We have a woman from Hungary who does not speak or read English. Every day, Huppicke, who is from Germany, transcribes our morning message and sends it to Rincike. That is above and beyond. That’s just who she is. It is such an honor to have her at camp.

    This is the first time Huppicke has shown her face. That smile she is wearing is for her teammates in gratitude for the support they have offered her along the way. And hopefully for herself and a job well done.

    And yes, that is a cow on her shoulder!


    Huppicke went between our Rawk Starz Diet and Wholy Rawkers Diet with a minimum of 1 hour of walking each day. 

  • CJane Hits 120 lbs Gone and Goal with a Raw Food Diet July 15, 2015

    CJane Hits 120 lbs Gone and Goal with a Raw Food Diet

    Wow, I don’t know that there is much more to be said about what CJane has accomplished. We are all in awe of her beauty, of her focus, determination, and all that she gives back to everyone at RFBC. If ever there was a poster child for what we stand for and who we are, it is CJane with her wonderful smile and positive attitude.


    CJane spoke at a conference last week with 5000 guests. This is the dress she wore. She calls it her Barbie dress. She sent me photos of her and her husband on a 30 ft TV screen. What a power couple. Would you look at her and think, wow, eight months ago she was obese? Or would you think. Man, some women are just born beautiful!

    Cjane has accomplished something very rare, she has not broken her program once in her 8 month journey with us. There have been some tough times, some times she wanted to scream and throw things because it felt like she should be done, so we told her: Scream. Throw things. Just don’t give up on all that you’ve done. And she didn’t. She wouldn’t.

    I don’t usually say anything about family when our ladies do so well, but for CJane the support her family has shown her has been a big asset to her success. Her husband has cheered her on daily. When she won the 100 lb challenge, he presented her with a tennis bracelet that he had worked for right along with her so he would have it for her on her big day. He believed in her from the beginning. Her mom gets our newsletter and watches out for her girl each month. On the day CJane hit goal, her grandmother sent her flowers.

    I know not everyone is lucky enough to have support like this, but for those of you who have a family member who is trying to make changes in their life, I know I can speak for CJane and say it matters. It really matters.

    Of course, those of us at RFBC take our share of the credit for her success as well. But, hey, supporting her was easy. Joyous, actually.

    In the end though, for this huge success, this beautiful woman has one person to be thankful toward. Herself. She did this. Sure we helped, her family helped, her faith helped, but she wanted this, she trusted us and believed in us, she got up each morning and walked, and she ate on plan each and every day. CJane changed for CJane! What a wonderful gift to give oneself.


    CJane, I guess it’s no surprise that all of us at RFBC are so proud of you and thankful that you chose to do this journey with us. You have already inspired so many as they watched your journey. You will continue to inspire many others for years to come. They may not join us at RFBC, they may not even use a raw food diet, but they will look at your before and afters and through their tears will be a spark: Hope. Belief. They will stand up and embark on their own journey, one toward health and well-being. When they struggle they will think of you, evoke the CJane within, and push forward. So on behalf of all the obese women who will stumble upon our site and your photos, thank you. Thank you for lighting a path many have given up hope of ever finding.

    CJane is now in maintenance. She used our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day to Achieve these Great Results
  • LNewland Hit 25 lbs gone! July 15, 2015

    LNewland Hit 25 lbs gone!

    LNewland is a Group Only, No Photo member, so I don’t have pictures, nor do I really know what she is doing for food and exercise, but I will tell you that she is a known name here at camp. She participates daily, she works in our conversation thread with other members, and she is always here at camp. This is why she is winning, this is how she is winning. She works daily with other members of camp supporting and being supported. She is a model for what Group Only should be. If all group Only members had her level of dedication, it would be the biggest area at RFBC!


  • Erica Hits Goal with 93.5 lbs Gone! July 9, 2015

    Erica Hits Goal with 93.5 lbs Gone!

    There’s not too much to say here, that her photos don’t already tell. We are all blown away by Erica’s goal photos. You have to admit, she is stunning!

    I know I speak for all the women at camp who have grown to love her, that she inspires us all. She has fought through some tough times, she has asked for help, and she has won!

    As she makes the transition from weight loss mode to maintenance, she is still quite aware that the journey is not over. Now, she must make it stick for life. Her first week in maintenance, and all she’s done is add some grilled veggies and extra calories. That’s it to start. Slow and with control. It’s the only way to make this transition work. And, lucky for our 10 lbs in July challenge group, she is going to hang with them and our maintenance team this week to get and give the addition support.

    Man, we are so proud of her. Oh, and all those beautiful arm and shoulder muscles she said came from pumping her arms as she walked.


    Erica did our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Brenda Hits 30 lbs Gone and Goal! July 9, 2015

    Brenda Hits 30 lbs Gone and Goal!

    Brenda is at goal. We are all so proud of her. As a Group Only member on our overweight side of camp, she has been a shiny example of what it takes to not just lose the weight, but to change. Brenda didn’t take the fast route to weight loss, and the last five pounds seemed to take forever, but she didn’t care. She felt she had found the way to do this, and wasn’t giving in or up until she had made it.

    Her daily presence at camp made a difference, not just for her, but for the women she worked with. Now that she’s in maintenance, she is showing that same type of fortitude she had while losing the weight.

    Congrats Brenda!


    Brenda is a Group Only member, so I’m not really sure what diet and exercise she used to do this. 
  • CanDo Hits 75 lbs Gone and Goal!! July 3, 2015

    CanDo Hits 75 lbs Gone and Goal!!

    Pretty awesome, right? You just saw her 70 lbs gone photos, and now here she is at Goal. It took her less than 7 months to accomplish this, and during this time, she lived through some very high stress situations, including the loss of a family member. She was not always perfect, but always determined. That, again, is what makes our women winners.

    We don’t give up when we’re not perfect. We understand life is far from fair and generous, but we know that if we persevere, if we don’t give in, if we don’t see food as the answer to our grief, our stress, our fears, then we don’t have to be fat anymore.

    CanDo has lost weight with us before, and reached her goal weight, but we didn’t have a maintenance program then, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a proud breast cancer survivor and gives a lot of her time and heart to supporting other breast cancer survivors, but through all that, her weight came back.

    This time, she is sticking with us through maintenance and going to work on all the old habits that allowed her to regain the weight. It’s forever for her now. It won’t always be easy, but at RFBC we have learned that hard does not lead to failing, it leads to strength and fortitude. Two things that CanDo has in abundance.

    Congratulations, CanDo. Everyone at camp has been inspired by your journey and will be there to support you through your transition to maintenance. Here’s to Forever!


    Can Do does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day
  • Free Hits 110 lbs Gone – Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet! June 9, 2015

    Free Hits 110 lbs Gone – Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet!

    If you recall, Free won our 100 lbs in 7 Months Challenge in March. She’s been taking it slower with these last pounds, which is quite all right, because face it. She’s lost 110 lbs and she has done it in 9 months!

    In a couple of weeks, she is heading off for her grand adventure in Peru. Hiking around the Machu Pichhu ruins and walking all over the place exploring other Inca ruins. How fun!!

    But think. 110 lbs. That’s a small woman. Had she done this last year, it would have been like carrying another person with her the whole time.

    She has been working hard to make sure she’s in shape for the trip. Doing stairs, lots of walking. It’s going to be a grand adventure for sure. We’re already looking forward to some great photos.



    See the rest of Free’s Before and Afters by clicking here and going to her journey page.

    Free does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a Day

  • Polly Hits 90 lbs Gone in 6 Months June 9, 2015

    Polly’s 90 lbs Gone in 6 Months Before and After

    Polly continues to amaze all of us as she hits amazing numbers. This 90 lbs gone was done in 6 months!! She does our Wholy Rawker diet with 1 hour of walking a day, and yet her results are those of a diva!I will admit, she was starting to feel so good about how she looked that she considered not pushing for more, but we changed her mind and she’s going to go to goal!We all feel, she is a new person. She doesn’t look anything like her before photos. She glows, she stands proud, she radiates health and beauty. She is a shiny example of how healthy food and walking can transform you. 

    Polly does our Wholy Rawkers Diet with 1 Hour of Walking a Day
  • Menza’s 100 lbs Gone and Goal Before and Afters April 24, 2015

    Menza’s 100 lbs Gone and Goal Before and Afters

    Back in 2014, Menza hit 90 lbs gone, but wasn’t ready to declare goal. Over the winter she chose to maintain her weight through the cold and busy season. Her family, as in her and her children, produce large production plays whose proceeds go to returning vets families. She is always busy. But, now that the weather has warmed, she decided to finish this off. Today, we celebrate Menza hitting 100 lbs Gone and Goal. 
    The photos really say it all. The transformation is amazing.
    To see all of Menza’s Before and Afters, click here to go to her Journey Page
    Here is what she had to say in yesterday’s discussion thread about why it is important to remember how we all felt prior to RFBC so we never go back to those old ways.
    It is so worth eating well to feel good! It is actually a small price to pay in comparison to felling and being sick now and as we age. The thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that a portion of my health is my choice. There are things we cannot control when it comes to sicknesses, but there is much that we can control. I do not want to have to be cared for by my children because I made poor food choices. I don’t want to have terrible neuropathies, immobility, numbness that prevents movement, shaking, blindness, amputations….or any of the other things that can be caused by a lifetime of eating junk food. I choose to control my eating and enjoy good health!
    Menza is one of our Rawk Starz Divas who used our Rawk Starz Diet and 2 Hours of Walking to Achieve her beautiful new body.
  • Free’s 100 lbs in 7 Months Winner Photo! April 10, 2015

    Free’s 100 lbs in 7 Months Winner Photo!

    Free won our 100 lbs in 7 Months Challenge a couple of weeks ago. We are all so proud of her. On her actual challenge end date she was in Cyprus. With her $500 Visa card from RFBC and her passport in hand, in nine short weeks she is off to Machu Picchu (Incan Ruins in Peru) to trek along it’s mountain tops with her friends and new strong fit body.

    What a great way to celebrate such a huge victory.

    Here is her 100 lbs Winner Photo. Soon, when she hits 110 lbs gone, we’ll do a new set of before and afters.

    Congratulations, Free. What a wonderful way to reward yourself!



    You can see all of Free’s Before and Afters on her Journey Page by Clicking Here

  • Rincike Hits 40 lbs Gone in 4.5 Months April 2, 2015

    Rincike Hits 40 lbs Gone in 4.5 Months

    We are all so proud of Rincike and are celebrating big time on her hitting this 40 lbs gone mark. She worked very hard for it. Last month her husband was hospitalized, her job had huge demands, and her weight loss was slow. What wasn’t slow was her determination to stick to the food that is making her healthy. 

    And, don’t forget, she doesn’t speak or read a word of English. Everything she gets from us is through translators. You have to admire that! I know I do.

    On top of how awesome she has done with her resolve and how she still manages to be an active member at camp, she looks amazing. Maybe she is a slower loser, in her mind, but her body has responded as though slow wasn’t in her vocabulary. 

    Way to Go, Rincike!


    Rincike does our Rawk Starz Diet with mostly 2 hour walks each day.
  • Lilli hits 40 lbs Gone! March 19, 2015

    Lilli hits 40 lbs Gone!

    Lilli does our Wholy Rawkers diet. She is not always able to do her walking, or stick to her plan due to personal reasons, but she follows our guidelines as much as she can, and has never gone back to old ways. Each month she has gotten stronger and more determined to see this all the way. English is a second language for her, so every day she has to translate the audio and discussions the best she can and then write to us in English. While she is proficient, it takes times. Time she puts in to work this major change in her life.
    Hitting 40 lbs gone, she volunteered to show you her face. To show you the change, the smile, the radiance of a woman who has found her way when it comes to food and exercise. 
    Lilli worked hard for this beautiful transformation, and we are all very proud to have her at camp.
    When Lilli joined, we were just starting our overweight side of camp. She asked to be on the obese side of camp because in her heart she had the addictions of an obese woman and wanted to break them. She has dealt with many of these issues, and works hard daily to give herself the life she deserves and wants.
    Congratulations, Lilli. You are beautiful!
    Lilli does our Rawk Starz diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day
  • IslandGirl’s 35 lbs Gone Before and Afters February 5, 2015

    IslandGirl’s 35 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    Island Girl is from the Cayman Islands in case you were wondering. She has worked our program into her busy life running her own business where she works with touring Foodies! That doesn’t get to her though. She knows how to do our plan and not let all those temptations get to her. 

    When she sent me her photos, she didn’t think they were very good. What is wrong with her? She looks amazing. Way to go Island Girl. I can’t imagine goal is too far off!

     Island Girl's 35 lbs gone with a raw food diet before and afters

  • Tess Hits 60 lbs Gone with Wholy Rawkers Diet January 28, 2015

    Tess Hits 60 lbs Gone with Wholy Rawkers Diet

    Tess is one of those members who help make RFBC what it is. She is not the fastest loser, but she is committed to what we do and is such a support resource at camp that to imagine camp without her would be impossible. She hit a long slow spot, but we tweaked a few things and the weight has been falling off. I think she surprised us all, including herself when all of a sudden she was at 60 lbs gone. 

    We are all so happy for her. Look at her Before and Afters, that woman with her crazy pants, wild hair, and contagious smile, is exactly the woman we all adore at camp.

    Tess, it is such a joy working with you and an honor to have you at camp.

    Tess 60 lbs gone with a raw food diet before and afters

    Tess graciously offered to show her face. You don’t have to do that. 

    Tess does our Wholy Rawker diet with a minimum of 45 minutes of walking a day
  • Michelle Hits Goal with 113 lbs Gone in 8 Months January 15, 2015

    Michelle Hits Goal with 113 lbs Gone in 8 Months

    What can I say about Michelle that I haven’t already. She started with us on May 12th of 2014 and on Jan 12th of 2015 had reached her goal weight of 123 lbs. She never broke her plan. She never skipped a day of walking. She declared the summer of 2015, the Summer of Mommy and let her family, friends, and her fat brain know that she was putting Michelle at the top of the priority list. They have supported her through all of this. Now her daughter is worried mom is going to clean out her closet!

    Michelle went from a size 22 pants to a size 2. How unbelievable is that? In 8 months.


    To see all of Michelle’s Before and Afters go to her Rawk Starz Diva Journey Page.

    While you may say wow, what an accomplishment, which it is, it is more than that. Michelle’s drive has powered many others. Not just her diva team, but all those who have watched her succeed and all the women at camp she has supported, encouraged, motivated and inspired .

    Now as she transitions to maintenance, we are going to be calling in all those favors! Our rawk solid diva is now on shaky ground. Her weight loss was still happening, so I upped her calories to 1600 and she began steamed veggies. And gained a pound! She freaked. It was the first time the scale had ever done that to her. She’s good now. Menza, Jan and I talked her down! It’s just bulk from the extra calories.

    This is a good lesson for all. Go weigh yourself, then go pick up all the fruits and veggies you’re going to eat for the day and weigh yourself again. We’re talking pounds of food consumed each day. So to add more, of course adds bulk. This is an okay thing. We’re going to let her settle into this phase of the transition before adding anything else. I’ll keep you updated on her success.

  • JanBree Hits Goal with 87.4 lbs Gone! January 15, 2015

    JanBree Hits Goal with 87.4 lbs Gone! 

    On Jan 12, 2015, JanBree called goal at 127 lbs. That is 87.4 lbs gone. At her 9 month mark she hit 80 lbs gone and was very close to goal. It took 2 more months to get to goal, but that’s just how it goes. Now look at her. She is so beautiful. It was worth every second of it.

    Jan has been one of our Rawk Starz Divas through her journey with us. She has been a rawk at camp, and fought through many slower times and even doubts as her crony Michelle whipped through the weight loss, but she never gave in. She never let some one else’s journey define her own. She knew what she wanted, and she kept going after it. And look where it brought her. Talk about return on an investment! She trusted herself, she trusted us, she trusted our program. On that, she never wavered. We are all so proud of her.

    JanBree 87 lbs gone at goal with a fast weight loss raw food diet before and afters

    To see all of JanBree’s Before and Afters go to her Rawk Starz Diva Journey Page

    I’ve said this in her other before and afters. It’s so hard to believe this is the same woman in the before and after. But it is. She is one cool mom now, sharing clothes with her daughter, full of life and great health. This is what you want ladies. You want to be JanBree! There’s no big secret on how she did this. Our great diet and exercise program. Our amazing support system, and the patience and perseverance of a woman who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. 

    Way to go, JanBree. Big time Congratulations.

    JanBree is now in maintenance. We have upped her calories to 1400 and added steamed veggies. She’s doing great. Transitioning to maintenance is a slow process and Jan is taking it well. Her next step is beans and lentils cooked and then upping her calories again. I’ll keep you updated on how her progress to her perfect life time diet and exercise program goes.

    JanBree reached goal doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hours of Walking a day



  • Krinkels Goal Before and Afters December 7, 2014

    Krinkels Goal Before and Afters

    Right when Krinkels hit her goal weight, like a month ago, she hurt her back, so we have postponed posting her before and afters, but here they are. Krinkels was our first new OverWeight member to hit goal with 31 pounds gone. We are all very proud of her, not just for hitting goal, but while dealing with a very painful back situation, she did not run back to food, she kept to her plan and maintained her loss, and as of last Friday had lost that extra pound putting her in the 140’s. For her height, you know that’s awesome!

    Congratulations Krinkels. You are a real asset to our Overweight team at camp!

    Krinkels Goal Photos with a Raw Food Diet

    Krinkles offered to show her face. You don’t have to do that unless you do our 100 lb challenge.

    Krinkles is a Group Only member who did our Rawk Starz Diet with an average of 1 hour of walking a day (before her injury)


  • Gorgo Celebrates 2 Years of Maintenance at Raw Food Boot Camp September 26, 2014

    Gorgo Celebrates 2 Years of Maintenance at Raw Food Boot Camp

    Okay, we are a month behind on celebrating this. Gorgo just reminded us, that on August 31st, she celebrated 2 years at goal. She is actually 7 pounds above goal right now. But with having lost 61 lbs to get there, it is a very doable place to be. Gorgo is a current member at Raw Food Boot Camp working with both our Maintainers and our Over Weight group. Through these two years she has been in and out of camp. Whenever she felt she was getting a little too slippery with her food, she’d come back for a dose of RFBC, and get it all under control. We love having her.

    Here is her original 61 lbs in 4.5 months and at Goal before and afters from two years ago!

    Gorgos Goal Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

  • Foteen at Goal! September 18, 2014

    Foteen at Goal!

    FoteenGoalScaleFoteen took the longer road to goal. She decided early on that getting to goal was more important than running toward it. She has gone between our 100% raw diet and our Wholy Rawkers 50%raw diet. Has she been perfect? Nope. Has she been determined? You bet. She even took off 6 weeks for a European Vacation, and maintained her weight. We were all so impressed.

    By going slower, she has fought off most of her bad food behaviors and habits. She is starting maintenance today by upping her calories, just to 1400. Adding back in some foods she missed that stall weight loss like bananas and chickpeas, and bringing her exercise down to 75-90 minutes a day. This will be changing over the course of the next couple of months as we work toward finding her perfect maintenance diet and calories. She will likely loose another 5 pounds or so during this transition process.

    So here are the stats: 

    Foteen is 63 Years Old and 5 foot 3.

    She started RFBC on Jan 13, 2014 at 210 lbs.

    8 Months later with 66 lbs gone, she weighs 144 lbs.

    The photo of her in the red dress is beautiful. I can’t show you her face, but she doesn’t look 60, that’s for sure. She showed it to the women in camp, and boy they were impressed. She glows!


    As you may notice, there was a discernable crook in her back in the before photo which seems completely gone in her after photo. I asked her about this. She said that she has a slight scoliosis in her upper back and a problem with lumbar spondylolisthesis (mis alignment of L 3-4). She said she would get pain and numbness in her left leg due to the lower back problem, but now IT’S GONE! She called her new alignment amazing. 

    In full disclosure, a couple of months ago, she started taking a restorative yoga class, so how much of this was from the yoga, versus the exercise that she did as she lost the weight, and how much losing the weight had to do it, is up for discussion. Either way, it is amazing.

    Today in our discussion thread, which was all about her hitting goal. I asked her to share some insight. Here is what she said. Below this is a list of inches lost.  Oh, and on the dress on her treadmill wall? It didn’t fit right. It fit, but she made it years ago when her son was born, and things shifted too much since then, so she choose to be our lady in red!

    Here’s what she had to say:

    Wearing the imaginary crown and sash today!

    First of all, I LOVE this group, especially the group we have now…….the most real and motivated and inspirational bunch of women. You are present in my photos. I am reflecting you as much as me. Thank you again and again.

    I ran the gamut of all of Carlene’s diets. I chose Wholly Rawker because if I couldn’t do raw, I wasn’t failing and didn’t feel guilty. I love the way I feel when I eat 100% raw MOST of the time but some days I really needed beans or an egg. It worked for me to patchwork the plans.

    The two things that come to mind as the biggest keys to success (when I look at what lead me down the path to my highest weight ever) are the curfew and daily exercise. I was a secret night time eater. My husband goes to bed early and I often stay up very late watching television. I would have a snack then another then another.. Bad bad terrible mindless habit. The curfew simplifies my night…..easy… food. If I want something, it’s a cup of tea or a glass of ice water. Simple. The second is exercise. I love to race walk I used to compete 15 years ago and now I’m back in competition. I love my DVR – treadmill lady cave. I can watch old movies and comedy shows endlessly. It’s all about finding your groove. Some people have to go to a gym, some have to have nature. Figure this important key out and it is a big part of the battle. Don’t fight with the exercise just find out what works for YOU. 

    I plan to maintain at this weight for 3-6 months then possibly attempt to get down to 135. I am only 5’3″ so right now I am still not quite in the “normal” BMI but I am really comfortable at this weight and since I chose it at the beginning, I decided to stick with it. It feels great to be just a “little” overweight. 

    Thanks for all of your accolades. I feel like Queen for a Day (only people my age would remember that TV show)! Really , two days, because Carlene was waxing poetic yesterday, too. 

    Looking forward to the next Goal marker and big milestone!

    Here are her inches lost:

    Neck : 0.75 inches

    Under arms : 8.5

    Chest :6.5

    Under chest : 8

    2″ above belly button: 10

    Belly button: 7

    2″ below belly button: 12


    Left upper arm: 3                        Right upper arm: 2.5

    Above elbow:2.75.                         :2.5

    Forearm:1                                       :0.75

    Wrist: 0.25.                                      :0.25

    Upper thigh: 5.25.                           :5

    Above knee: 3.                                :3.5

    Calf:2.                                              :2

    Ankle: 0.75.                                      :0.75



  • Otavia Celebrates One Year Anniversary at Goal July 4, 2014

    Otavia Celebrates One Year Anniversary at Goal

    On July 2, 2013, Otavia reached her goal weight. She swore that day that she would stick with Raw Food Boot Camp and the support we offer for one full year. She kept her promise. She wasn’t at camp every day. She didn’t log her food every day. But she was there a lot and always remained honest with what she was eating, even when she knew I would be on her about it. 

    As a reminder. Here are her before and afters from last year:

    Otavia Anniversary Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    She is not living on a 100% raw diet. She eats lots of fruits and veggies each day and then eats an omnivore diet of whatever she wants in moderate portions. She maintains her calories between 1200-1800 a day, and even has a glass or two of wine here and there. She’s far from perfect, but what she does have is the desire and determination to make this work for her for life. She swears she will never be obese again. 

    How she keeps this in the forefront of her mind is that she has stayed accountable at Raw Food Boot Camp, participates on a regular basis inspiring everyone with her wisdom and wit, and once a month she participates in a fun run of sorts. Obstacle courses, Electric Runs, Mud Runs. Below is a collage of some of the photos she’s sent over the past year.

    Otavia Collage Maintenance Before and Afters


     Here’s what Otavia had to say about her anniversary:

    A long time ago, Carlene said,”…losing weight is the easy part….keeping it off it the hard part….” because of that statement, I decided I needed to stick with RFBC for a minimum of a year at maintenance.  All I can say is I AM SO GLAD I DID :)

     Maintaining weight is a whole process in and of itself that needs to be learned.  I was just talking to my sister over the weekend.  She is struggling, she has released 38# and just got into Two-Town….I can’t seem to get her to join RFBC….but I feel confident that she will reach the conclusion that it is a darned good place to be. She is doing Weight Watchers.  It has taken her 8 months to release not quite 40#’s.

     Anyway….I have found the key to releasing weight, is to JUST DO IT! All diets work if you just follow them….some just work faster than others and are easier to convert to a “normal” lifestyle.   If you  wander off the path, if you trip, if you fall off the path….heck if you run off the path with a machete in hand trying to create a new path…..just keep getting back onto the beaten path, because WE KNOW IT WORKS!  


    If you continue to make the right choices….results have no choice but to follow. Remember the fish will always follow the head.

    I will be here at RFBC for some time to come.  I have realized (CRAPPOLLA) that my obesity is only in remission right now, and it has not been cured :(  I need to stay until I no longer have a FAT BRAIN.

    What I am working on right now is to have a diet and lifestyle that I can truly follow for the rest of my life. And….it is a process,  I am figuring out what works and what doesn’t….I occasionally still fight (and sometimes lose) the urge to emotionally/stress eat and/or volume eat just because something tastes good. I continue to have to be mindful of making good choices, although that is MUCH easier now than it was a year ago :)

    My biggest challenge is to maintain awareness of satiety and put something down, put it away or throw it away once I am satisfied……overall I feel I am making good food choices.  I have realized that during this journey my tastes have actually changed!  That is a good….NOPE….that is a GREAT thing!  My goal is for the rest of my life to continue eating 80% fruits and veggies everyday (not necessarily raw) and the other 20% low fat, low sugar, low sodium.

    I appreciate all the support here at RFBC because I know that the insights I have learned about myself through this experience will allow me to be Fit and Fabulous at 55, 65, 75, 85+  





    Thank you for your continued support!     

                ~  Otavia  ~



  • Green Queen Hits Goal Today! June 25, 2014

    Green Queen Hits Goal Weight Today!

    61.1 lbs Gone Forever as she moves into Maintenance

    Green Queen Goal Scale Photo

    GreenQueen is a no-photo option member, so all you get to see are her feet. I saw her face, her body, her new look, and you’ll have to trust me on this. She looks great! 

    GreenQueen has learned so much about herself and food through her weight loss process, that we’re looking for an easier transition to maintenance. She gets what she needs to do now, and has no expectations on being perfect every day for the rest of her life. But she is sure, that when she isn’t perfect to her maintenance plan, that it is not going to be for weeks on end, added pounds on end, but just for that moment. She’s proven throughout her program that she can do this. It was harder at first, but through practice, she has learned that one break doesn’t require a second. This is one of the biggest lessons at Raw Food Boot Camp.

    I hope you will congratulate her for this great success and support and encourage her as she transitions from weight loss mode to maintenance. She’s already planning to spend the next year with us to ensure maintenance is for life.

    I know I speak for everyone at camp to say how proud we are of GreenQueen and how appreciated she is for the wealth of encouragement and inspiration she has shared during her weight loss journey.

     Green Queen did the Rawk Starz diet with 45+ minutes of walking each day
  • Vicky’s No Before and Afters But Goal! March 8, 2014
    Vickys Goal Photo

    56.6 kg = 124.5 lbs


    Vicky Reaches Goal with 43 lbs Gone!

    She’s probably going to kill me for showing her scale photo. But here it is. Vicky started with us through a program over the holidays where I let in those with a BMI under 33 with the no-photo option. She has been a star at camp every since. I am beyond proud of her. She came to camp convinced it would not work for her, that nothing would work for her. She didn’t believe that even if it did work for her that she would follow through with it. And she never believed it would take her all the way to goal. 

    I love getting to say, I told you so! 

    She doesn’t have a before and after to share, but she sent me photos. She’s beautiful. Big blue/green eyes, dark hair, and slender. At 5’5″ and 124.5 lbs, she is perfect. 

    We start maintenance today. Slowly. Did I say how proud I am of her? 



Haley with 150 lbs gone and Goal!


Foteens Raw Food Diet Goal Journey with Before and Afters


Otavia raw food diet fast weight loss front page banner

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  • Are Your Body & Soul One Or do you treat them different

    Are Your Body & Soul One Or do you treat them different

    Today at camp we are talking about how easily we the obese and even the overweight have disassociated our minds/spirit/soul from our physical body.

    When we eat, we eat for cerebral experience without thinking of the connection that food has to our body. We only seem to care how we feel. The food numbs the emotions, the food fills an emotional void, the food gives us pleasure.

    But when we pass by our reflection, we only look for a second out of morbid curiosity because we don’t like what we are seeing. We can’t believe that person in the mirror is us. We don’t see ourselves, our inner selves as that obese or overweight person, we are our minds/spirit/soul and to dwell on that body puts us out of sync, out of sorts with who we feel we are.

    But yet, everything we eat or drink affects our bodies. We convince ourselves we are feeding our souls and in the same bite wrecking havoc on our bodies and not taking responsibility for that body that we oftentimes feel betrayed us by not staying or being strong and healthy.

    We are willing to go on spiritual quests, meditate for hours, take classes and expand our minds, but when it comes to exercise and eating properly we don’t have the time or inclination. We see ourselves as our mind and the body is just there. And if we don’t look at it we don’t have to care about it.

    When I was ill, I fell deep into this trap. I felt betrayed by my body. As I recovered, the body seemed to separate itself from me more as I grew angry and despondent on it’s inability to heal and regain strength and energy. I was eating clean, more of the Wholy Rawkers diet than our Rawk Starz diet. I was ready to not be the sick frail body. I could just sit on the couch and be the coach here at camp and entertain my granddaughters with creative thoughts. But the sick and frail body was seeping into my soul. 

    So I had to choose. I had to heal my body. I had to reconnect. Know the pain and beat it. Natural food, healthy food, feeds my soul and body. I knew this so well. I just had to remind myself. Yes, my diet had to get stricter and I had to experiment with what worked and what didn’t, but by feeding my body what it needed to heal, to feel better, my spirit was lifted and once again allowed to soar. 

    Having my physical health allows me to go after what I need for my mind/spirit/soul health. I can’t use fat, salty, sugary foods to lift my spirits, I have to maintain physical health to feel that wealth of soul.

    Who we are is not just our cerebral self. It is our whole self. It is being in tune with the body, knowing its needs and being responsible for them. Of making choices with each bite, each lick and taste. How does this affect who I am, who I want to be. 

    It is important to look at that reflection. Acknowledge it and accept it. It is what you have made it. Now, it is time to make it what you need it to be so you can experience overall well-being.

    I thought when I started the conversation at camp this morning, our ladies would either think me crazy or disagree, but they did neither. They got it, and now you need to as well. Whatever your reason for disassociating from your body, it is time to reclaim and respect it. 

    A body needs to be nourished and a body needs movement. Our bones need weight bearing exercise. Our hearts and lungs need to be strengthened with cardio.  Our blood needs to flow smoothly without all the plaque build up from all that bad fat we eat. We can’t live on high sugars and play havoc with insulin production. We can’t live bloated from sodium in a body full of inflammation. Our bodies need us to care for them just as much as our souls do. 

    Okay, I’m off my soap box. I’m just saying. This is our life. It’s our choice how we respect it and nurture it, all of it both body and soul.

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